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My self improvement plan, part 2

Right here goes for another personal beating and look into all that’s gone wrong in my week.

That’s a little harsh…

Time to look back and reflect on my week.
I love that this exercise ends on a high note though, I’m such an optimistic person that it’s actually quite difficult for me to wallow in self pity, not that it never happens, believe me it does. I’m just quite private when it comes to wallowing. 
3 things that didn’t go well. 

  •   I haven’t got round to getting Baby R’s christening invites out. It’s less than a month away and I’ve only told a handful of people meaning there’s a large chunk of my friends and family who are going to descend into chaos on hearing of a christening 4 days before Christmas. I should also probably tell the vicar. (He does sort of know but I need to make a phone call to talk details, it’s that bloomin phone phobia thing going on again.) 
  • I didn’t remind Tween to pick his homework off the floor in time before the dog sat on it after a nice, wet walk. At least it wasn’t reduced to ashes like some homework has, but it still involved an apologetic conversation between Tween and teacher that could have been avoided. 
  • I’ve got into a really bad habit of feeding Baby R to sleep. he turned 6 months last week and I’m seriously worried that I’ll never  ever get a night out again in the foreseeable future. All my sleep routine plans have been chewed up, spat out and stamped on since we hit the 4 month sleep regression. Have I learnt nothing in 14 years of being a mum?
What I can improve on. 

  • Chores, chores and more chores. Not mine, Tween and Teenager’s. Neither seem to be fussed by the lack of pocket money gained from completing their chores, I suspect this is to do with the season of goodwill being in our sights. Their power of deferred gratification has paid off as they know big things are coming. It is also down to the fact I’m incredibly fussy and find their feeble attempts frustrating to the point I think I may as well do it properly my self. 
  • I’ve been thinking lately (always a dangerous thing) that I should take up ironing. I’m on maternity leave and therefore entitled to use the acronym  SAHM (that’s stay at home mum for those not on Twitter) I’ve been baking lots and feel there maybe room in my life to iron. Although I’ve got through many non ironing years via the medium of fold and if needed, sit on, a neat pile of ironed tshirts and pillow cases could have a place in our wardrobes. 
It scenes like this, however, that make me feel, what’s the point? 

I’ll get back to you on this one. 
  • I could probably improve on my diet. There’s been alot of talk on the dangers of too much sugar and so I’m going to try and limit the amount I consume. Right after Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter…,
What I’ve done well. 

  • I’ve finally got my personal, professional development plan in motion for when my maternity leave ends. Exciting things should be happening for me mid 2015. I don’t want to reveal all yet, but I’ve had a busy week writing letters, emails and scribbling down numbers. 
  • I’ve managed to feed my family on a  budget weekly food shop and no one’s left home or showing signs of scurvy. 
  • I joined the Mumsnet Devon local ambassadors team. I’m not entirely sure what I’ve signed up to but they’re a friendly bunch of ladies who seem to be gently guiding me along the way. 
On that note, I’m off to consume one my 5 day.

Sugar anyone? 
With love from lovely Devon 
I’m linking in with Make do and push, #tTWTWC

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