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My Devon weekly

Wow where has this week gone?

I can’t believe I’m already sharing my week that was captured with you. I’ve had  a super busy one which has coincided with Baby R having a few milestones of his own.
Monday was blog day. I’ve been reviewing a gorgeous Scottish Oak Christmas decoration that I loved so much I suggested to the lovely people at Forever Bespoke we give you, the readers,  a chance to own your own.(click here if you’d like to enter) I’m not a big fan of plastic or overly colourful personalised baby apparel, so I was really pleased to have something natural and rustic looking for Baby R’s first Christmas decoration. I spent the morning getting the competition up and running, knowing I had a busy week ahead if me. Baby R chose this day to perfect his rolling over, he doesn’t looked so shocked with himself now when he does it and I’ve noticed he’s a lot more chilled this week which I’m sure is to do with his new found skills.

I met up with some of the more ‘vintage’ mums from my little corner of East Devon  to talk breastfeeding, labour and sleep, while enjoying delicious hot (a rare thing in my life at the moment) coffee at one of my favourite haunts, Osbourne’s. I’m always rattling on to the blog sphere so it was great to have some face to face interaction for a change! We’re trying to think of a new name for our weekly meet up rather than the Old Mum’s Club one the husband’s christened us! Plus we’re not agest, we did have 1 spring chicken among us.

I braved Exeter high street this week to get going on some Christmas shopping. Baby R experienced his first lift and I’m pleased to report he was a perfect shopping companion with not so much as a grumble while I procrastinated over whether I needed a Cath Kidston changing bag. (I don’t, but it took a lot if will power to walk out empty handed.)
He’s still on his weaning journey and I’ve decided to mix baby led with some of the more traditional weaning ways. He’s loving his food, even sucking the spillages off the tray, I’m saving that photo for my Wicked Wednesday post!
I’m soon to be loaned a slate top table for a while to put it through a living with review, so I popped into the showroom on Thursday  to pick one out. It’s from a small, local firm, look out for it featuring in some posts and photos over the next few weeks.  I’ve also used this as an opportunity to add a home decor page to my blog. I’m very house proud and love up cycling as well as hunting out a bargain or 6, I’ll share it all with you once I’ve put the finishing touches.

I had a very proud Mum moment this week. As much as I think my 2 older boys bicker and fight, Tween went to school dressed as his hero, his brother, in aid of Children in Need day and insisted on taking his own money for a donation.altogether now…awwww.

Oh and finally, I had some fantastic news this week,  I won something. Again!

I really must write more about my love of competitions, it seems to have contributed to a couple of wins and as my bonkers friend Sue would say,” you’ve manifested some good luck Chuc.” Don’t get jealous now, I’m the lucky winner of a letter from Lapland, although I think this will be better appreciated by Tween who is on the cusp of becoming a non believer, I’m really hoping this buys me one more year.

On that note I’m off to buy a lottery ticket and steak my place on Twitter’s freebie Friday.

Fluffy pencils here I come.

With love from lucky Devon
Baby R’s 1st lift and enjoying a spot of shopping
My visit to the Alexander Paul, Slate showrooms to pick out a table.
I haven’t upset him, he’s perfecting the teenager nonchalance his brother has!

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