My ContiBoard Blogger Challenge

My ContiBoard Blogger Challenge

Before you start scratching your heads and wondering what the chuff is she on about now, I’ll explain exactly what I mean by a ContiBoard. I apologise right now if you are already a fully paid up member of the ContiBoard club and I am being completely ignorant to this concept, it’s just that until a few weeks ago I had absolutely no idea these things existed.

After 40 years of being the original and leading brand for decorative faced cut and edged panels, ContiBoard is still providing a versatile solution for shelving, storage and bespoke furniture. It’s also the number one choice for both experienced and first time DIYers. This is because there really is no limit to ContiBoard’s versatility in meeting your storage and furniture needs, Conti’s uses can stretch as far as your imagination can. From a humble shelf to complex internal storage, or perhaps a sliding wardrobe or a bookshelf to fill that awkward alcove – let ContiBoard provide the solution.

I was going to try to explain it but my waffle would probably just confuse you so I hope you’re a little clearer as to what and who a ContiBoard is now? So what was my challenge? Well I was tasked with coming up with an idea to create something, anything, there was no exceptions, other than crafting a small village both of which ContiBoard’s director and the Husband I have a sneaky feeling would’ve objected to.

You may have notice me slip the H word in there. Well what I particularly loved about this challenge was that I got to design something which my husband had to make. I’m sure given the right tools and motivation I would’ve had a go myself, I put a shelf up once. But let’s be honest, I haven’t really moved on from the days of school woodworking in CDT lessons and are you really going to keep reading if all you thought you’d be getting to see was a box? (although now I think if it a 6ft x 6ft playpen for the toddler does have its appeal.

No, this was a challenge and so we needed skill, someone ho knew their way around a box of chip board screws and a saw. And that wasn’t going to be me.

At the mere mention of creating a new piece of furniture from scratch the Teenager rose from his day time slumber to mumble something about a desk, seizing the opportunity to engage in a conversation that extended beyond ‘tidy, laundry and dirty plates’ I asked if he had a design in mind. 30 minutes later he presented me with a pencil scribble of a corner desk which would fit in the corner of his attic bedroom. He was once a promising artist before his thumbs succumbed to the xbox so I was a little disappointed by his sketch, not that I’m a pushing mum or anything, honest, darts eye’s guiltily>

Anyway, the Teenager, Husband and I sat and worked out how many boards were needed for a sturdy, secure design. It was going to hold a gaming PC, 2 monitors and a weeks supply of dirty cups and plates so had to be relatively strong. This is where the advantage of using ContiBoards really proved it’s self, with being in the attic we needed a bespoke desk that could be assembled up there and wasn’t too large for the sloping ceiling. As this was a teen’s piece of furniture, something that could withstand everyday spillages is a must.

While the design was taking shape I went to the website and ordered a sample so we were sure of the right colour. Give or take a few days later our order was delivered by an unbelievably helpful TNT delivery man. This was my second thumbs up for ConiBoards, having the boards delivered free and saving us the hassle of trying to squeeze the boards in the car after a DIY store trip.

So our challenge to create a bespoke piece of furniture took shape on a sunny day in our front garden, As the Husband measured, cut and joined the pieces. Diverting a little from the original plan, but still creating a fabulous corner desk to Teenagers requirements, we marvelled at how simple the concept was and why had we never used these before. The boards are sold in packs of 2 so we had a couple surplus to our requirements but knowing that we had backup stock was reassuring. I did forgot about the edging tab though so now its built, I can order what we need to finish it off.

I think it’s safe to say our ContiBoard challenge is complete and I’m pretty chuffed with the results.





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