My Christmas (in the Christmas Tag)

My Christmas (in the Christmas Tag)


Thanks to the blog Janine’s little world, I’ve found out about the #Christmas Tag.
I love hearing about how other people spend the festive season so please feel free to add your tag to the comments section and keep the tag going.
1.What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Decorating the house. We have a Christmas weekend, where we decorate to Christmas music, make mince pies, watch Elf and have party food.
2.What is your favourite make-up look for the festive season?

Nail varnish. Barry M glitter nail varnish. I love a lot    a bit of glitter at Christmas and I’m too old for face glitter so I’ll make do with sparkly toes and finger nails. It’s the only time I wear varnish on my finger nails as I always chip it.

3.Real or fake tree?
Both, fake inside, real outside. My village goes crazy for outside decorations. We’ve made the news a few times. Lots of houses have a real Christmas tree with pretty blue lights, on the front of their house/shop/restaurants. It’s a beautiful sight when you drive in.
4.Giving or receiving presents?
Giving. I get so excited about giving presents, they usually involve a lot of planning and researching.
5.Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?
Morning from hubby then after dinner from everyone else. It stretches the day out nicely. We even get santa to come round after dinner to hand out the tree presents.
6.Handmade or shop bought Christmas cards?
Shop. (I buy them in the sales & put away with the decorations. I don’t actually like sending cards, I only really write them for people far away. I’d much rather say happy Christmas in person, It’s heart breaking just chucking them in the recycling bin afterwards. Although I do try and make gift tags out of the nice ones.
7.Favourite Christmas film?
Elf, I love it. closely followed by the Grinch. I love any Christmas film though really. 

8.Favourite Christmas food?
Bailey’s Irish Cream, what? it’s got cream in!
9.Favourite Christmas gift?
I remember getting some passion fruit M&S bubble bath from my Aunt & Uncle when I was 12, It was my 1st smellies set and felt very grown up. I think that paved the way for loving bath and body gifts. Nothing beats the smell on opening a box from LUSH.
10.What tops your tree?
A star, I got it free on the front of a home magazine many years ago.
Now over to you. Get answering and share this on Twitter with the hashtag #ChristmasTag



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