My Brown Leather Boot Obsession Wishlist

My Brown Leather Boot Obsession Wishlist

Confession time; hands up who loves boots?

Me! <waves hands frantically> yes sir, I do, I really, really do. I have a small obsession with them, it’s sort of under control in a round about way. I do it by requesting a pair for my birthday each November and as the Husband is a last-minute-panic-present-buyer he usually obliges as it saves him some brain power deciding what to get me and can then go back to his own little thing of looking at tattoos on  Pinterest. After 13 years of marriage it’s probably one of the building blocks on which our relationship has survived; I want boots, he buys them. Simples.

So now I’ve got the wonderful medium that is Mum in a Nutshell to pass subliminal messages across to my friends and family I’ve put together a wishlist of boots I’d consider worthy to grace my size 4’s this coming Autumn. My only rule for my boot collection is that they are of a good quality as I tend to live in them for a good 8 months.

I’ve tried cheaper versions in the past and they just haven’t cut it, often being very uncomfortable or just not lasting and plus you can spot them a mile off. In my own personal opinion, a good pair of boots oozes quality and can deflect from any other wardrobe malfunctions I may be subject to. Just like a matching pair of bra and pants, they can make you feel good, and as I rarely manage the latter, it’s all down to the boots in the self esteem psychology stakes.

I’ve resisted temptation to put them in order of preference as I simply can’t decide right now which I like best so I’ve gathered together my favourites from the Jones Bootmaker’s  ladies boots section and  included  a few from newly discovered Reiker Boots.

A wishlist for Autumn / Winter brown leather boots


* ps. Writing this post has has done absolutely nothing for my boot love thing, infact it’s made it a whole heap worse, but I’ve had bloody loved doing it! *

** pps This is a collaborative post**




  1. 2nd September 2015 / 10:03 am

    So funny I do the same, every Xmas my Dad buys me my new Boots for the year, I still have them for the past 8. I love Boots so so much, I am lucky enough just to have received 2 pairs for review.

    Love this post xxx

    • 2nd September 2015 / 8:40 pm

      So glad it’s not just me, I can’t get enough of them.

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