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A Mum’s Defence Of  Pokemon Go! 

A Mum’s Defence Of  Pokemon Go! 

Just for the record, I’m in camp ‘yay!’ for Pokemon-Go.

Well, when I say I, I mean us. As in my teenager sons and I, the collective. You see back in the day of huge TV’s and Nokia 3310’s, Pokemon was a simple TV programme with a really cute but kick-ass yellow bunny thing. Let’s call him Pikachu, because that was (is?) his name and along with Buffy The Vampire Slayer and other TV shows which names escape me, I vaguely remember it being part of our viewing pleasure.

So I’m not completely in the dark with this whole Pokemon Go craze.

I didn’t pay much attention at first, not thinking for a moment my skateboarding teen would be interested. But in between teenager mumbles early this summer, I was sure I was picking up the word Pokemon.

Nah, must’ve been wrong, I thought.

But then I heard it again, and again and again. 4 strapping 16 years olds huddled round their phones at the kitchen table mumbling the words Pokemon Go. Then within the blink of an eye skateboards were located, trainer positions enquired and “we’re going out’s” uttered and they were gone.

For hours.

I’m my day, going out for hours involved mischief, often sitting around in parks, there would probably be alcohol and cigarettes, and more mischief. We were bored so we rebelled. I know not all teenagers my age did it, but I did.  (That’s my excuse and I’ll stick by it.)

So in defence to the man who claims that his boy won’t be allowed out Pokemon Go hunting and to his comments that my boy should be kicking a ball in a field somewhere. This is for you;

Technology is here to stay, the golden age of days spent kicking a ball in a field is here to stay. But when your boy is the only boy kicking a ball in a field while his mates are out Pokemon Go -ing. Embracing technology, having fun, challenging each other, discussing their finds and getting out of their insular bedrooms out in the fresh air. Then maybe, just maybe it’s time to admit that it’s not so bad after all.

Parenting is about sharing your child’s passions, showing an interest in what excites them and creating conversations which you know they’ll want to be part of. That’s not always an easy task with teenagers and tweens so you have to adapt to their worlds if you don’t want to be left to limited conversations.

So what if it’s via a mobile phone, that’s the way the world is moving and if Pokemon Go is the reason my boys are getting their kicks, so be it.

That’s my defence statement as a mum to 2 Pokemon Go hunting boys, who now speak to each other about their finds, the media has done a pretty good job or sharing all the horror stories so I’m sharing mine. And who knows, maybe if my washing pile suddenly becomes manageable and the dinner cooks it’s self then maybe, just maybe. I’ll join them.



  1. 26th August 2016 / 8:16 pm

    We’re a bit pre-Pokemon Go but I think anything that captures the imagination of teens and gets them outside is fantastic!

  2. 29th August 2016 / 2:23 pm

    Yep my lot are hooked too and bumped into a couple of teachers the other night whilst out hunting!

    • 29th August 2016 / 3:35 pm

      I just had an old school friend stay who is an MD of a big company and she was catching them in my village, really made me chuckle to hear her chatting about it with my teenage sons.

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