Monday Melfie!

I HATE HATE HATE having my photo taken.

I know I have a wonky front tooth, too many freckles and wrinkles that remind me that 40 is just around the corner, waiting to whisk me away from my fabulous thirties.

I just don’t want to see them.

I squint in the mirror to blur out the lines, I  try to smile with pursed lips to hide the wonky tooth, I cover my freckles that should have left with my teens.
I pretend and convince myself that they aren’t really there. 
Then I see a photo and it all comes back, the camera never lies. 
So that’s why I live my life behind the lens, where my focus is on the beautiful things in my life. 
Yet I know that one day, when I look back on my blog, I’ll feel sad that I’m just words and no face  and the wonky tooth, wrinkles and freckles won’t haunt me so much. 
So here for my boys is a Melfie of Mum
 Smiling (and cooking) and just being mum! 
With love from lovely Devon

Everything Mummy

Californian Mum in London

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