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Make Your Own Magic Reindeer food.

Make Your Own Magic Reindeer food.

The highlight of the festive season, for me, is Christmas Eve
The anticipation of seeing the results if weeks of planning and preparation is excruciatingly exciting and we have a few bed time traditions which have been passed on from my own childhood, leading up to the big sleepy send off.

We begin by putting out our special Christmas plate by the log burner with a mince-pie, carrot, glass of water and a glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Check on the Norad Santa website to see where he is and how much time we’ve got before he arrives.

Then we sprinkle magic reindeer food on the path outside and listen out for the jingle bells, letting all the children in our street know that Santa’s on his way and it’s time for bed.

The boys usually run to bed at this point, stopping briefly to hang up their stockings on the end of their beds. Then it’s time for one last  Christmas bed time story.

It’s the same every year and if you fancy upping your Christmas Eve traditions, here’s a how to for some magic reindeer food which should cost very little to make.

Magic Reindeer Food

You’ll nee

1 – Rolled oats

2 –  Glitter

3 – Small jar, I’ve used an old spice jar. It’s worth checking your spice rack as I was surprised how many were out of date, thus freeing up few jars for my reindeer food.)

4 – Twine or string

5 – Christmas wrapping paper or material

6 – Access to a printer

7 – Paper (for printing the label off)

optional – Christmas scented fragrance oil



Mix the oats with the glitter in a small bowl.

Download the label below then cut it to size so it fits in your jar.

Roll the label up and place it in the jar, don’t roll it too tightly as you want it to open out in the jar. Use a finger to push it out to the sides.

Using the rest of the paper, make a funnel shape and place the small end into the top of the jar.

Add the rolled oats and glitter mixture.

If you want to create the full sensory experience add a few drop of a Christmas fragrance, I use the Body Shop’s Ginger Sparkle.

Cover the lid by cutting a circle shape from the wrapping paper or material then secure with string.

**** remember to sweep some of it away before your little ones go outside in the morning *****
Download this label to add a professional touch to some homemade magic reindeer food (recipe for Christmas reindeer food available here too)

Downloadable label for reindeer food

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