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Machine Washable Cashmere For Busy Mums

Machine Washable Cashmere For Busy Mums

There are many luxuries in life which can really give you that lift and make you feel good. I’ve shared my love of some of the finer things in life previously, from beautiful bedding to luxury designer handbags, and clothing is no exception. Unfortunately my bank balance doesn’t always equate to my wants and needs so I combine my little luxuries with those less wallet busting.

Be it cheapie leggings with a quality dress  or a pair of high street jeans with a designer top,  as a busy mum of three comfy casual tends to be my mum wardrobe. That doesn’t mean I have to compromise on style and taste though as this stunning poncho from WoolOvers shows.

I’ve longed for a cashmere jumper for many years, not that it gets particularly chilly down ‘yer in Devon. The classic yarns of cashmere ooze class and time has proved that a classic cashmere sweater won’t date quickly, the fibres are softer than standard wool and three times more insulating.

But rather than add to my collection of jumpers, which I’ve not worn much since the toddler’s arrival due to the fear of getting considerably more grubby with sticky fingers cuddling me in, when tasked by Wool Lovers to put an item from their cashmere collection to the busy mum’s test. I opted for a poncho.

The cashmere / merino wool combination makes it machine washable which is a must when you just don’t have time to factor in hand washing into your already busy schedule. Throw in not having to wait for a sunny day to dry it properly, I was keen to see if there really is such a thing as cashmere for busy mums which WoolOvers claim? testing out machine washable cashmere which does shy away from my busy mum family wash.

It’s cut like a giant rectangle with buttons to the side, my first thought was

“how the blases do I put it on?”

And then I  read the instructions.

It’s actually a multi use top ranging from poncho as modelled to a shrug, a scarf and a cardi! Coming in various colours I opted for grey as a classic style to wear with black skinny jeans and long sleeved back top.

It’s beautifully soft and hasn’t bobbled too easy, a problem I’ve had previously with knit wear and a real bug bear of mine as it makes them look tatty. And it wasn’t too long before I was tentatively placing it in my washing machine. Not wanting to damage it, there was something quite rebellious about putting knit wear in with the normal family wash. Many an item of knit wear has been lost to accidentally ending up in the wash pile, but this time I was fully aware of what I was doing and yet it still get wrong!

But alas, it was fine!

I’ve even taken before and after shots if you need proof, so if you’re looking to invest in some quality cashmere knit wear this is one piece which will withstand the busy mum challenge and can join the rest of the everyday wash pile!



I was sent this item for the purpose of this challenge. All words and photos are my own. 

falling back in love with stunning cashmere from Wool lovers with this grey poncho




  1. 5th May 2016 / 10:43 pm

    Oooh I really like that, I love items that can be worn different ways and look a bit ‘different’ to the norm. You look great in it 🙂

    • 7th May 2016 / 11:38 am

      Thanks Sabina! It’s very different from anything else I own.

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