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Looking For Holiday Inspiration

Looking For Holiday Inspiration

We’ve not been abroad for a few years, 3 to be precise. There’s several reasons for this; money, family dynamics and imagination being the main reasons, so I’ve promised the boys that we’ll try and venture further afield next year.

But where to go? I need holiday inspiration.

Do we go to somewhere hot, laze on a beach, frolock in the sea? I have visions of being in a country where I can step out in the evening and still feel a warm breeze on my skin, when only a dip in the pool brings relief from the hot mid day sun. The sandy shores of the surf friendly Algarve? Or maybe see the island of Spinalonga (If you’ve read The Island, you’ll know what I mean.) I’d love to venture further a field but the idea of a long haul flight with a lively toddler  is not high on my to-do list.

looking for holiday inspiration

Or should we opt for somewhere more culturally rich, where the boys can experience something they’ve learnt about in school, see it in real life and maybe share a thing or two they may have learnt over the years with me! There the are countries I’ve see endless photos of,  places steeped in history or mystery, maybe both. The tulip fields of Amsterdam, take a bike round the city, or would the lure of the canals be too much temptation for risk assessment worthy tot.

Italy has always appealed, the home of cappuccino and pizza. I’m in! But would there be enough for a family, a toddler, tween and teenager?

looking for holiday inspiration

We’re not the most seasoned of travellers so anything will be an adventure, we just need a nod in the right direction. To refresh my geographical knowledge (it’s been a few years since I left school!) I’ve given the Monuments of the World quiz a go. ( I was rubbish compared to The Man who is a bottomless pit of general knowledge and puts me to shame in any quiz )

looking for holiday inspiration

Along with watching vintage episodes of Top Gear, that pretty much makes up my research, so do you see my dilemma? When you’ve got 2 weeks to ensure you’re going to have the perfect break, it’s not something you can do on a whim.

How do you get your holiday inspiration? I’d love to know.


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