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Looking for a Healthy Snack? Try Kettle Bites Waves

Looking for a Healthy Snack? Try Kettle Bites Waves

I’m always keen to see what’s new on the food market.  I’m a marketer’s dream; easily swayed, convinced by the blurb and the first in line to try something new and trying out the new Kettle Bite Waves from my old crisp fave Kettle Chips was no exception. And it’s not just little old me who’s been trying the maple barbecue flavour, as a mumbassador for Talk To Mums I’ve been handing out samples to slightly-suspecting East Devon mums in return for some feedback and a ‘proof-I-didn’t-eat-them-all photo’. (No such thing as a free lunch ladies!)

It’s been a busy few weeks, I’ve been stopping mums in the streets, taking over toddler groups and popping into Slimming World. Kettle has a reputation which proceeds them, and a good one at that, so all but a few were all to happy to whip them from my offering hands.

Championing the low-fat and low-calorie message, Kettle Bites are a great alternative to a cheeky biscuit. With only 95 calories per pack and 50% less fat than standard salty crisps they’re

A lighter snack without compromising on great taste. Using real food ingredients, this sweet and smoky pairing is full of flavour; bringing together maple syrup with tomato, red pepper and paprika  on a crisp and crunchy wholegrain wave.

Trying out the new Kettle Bites Waves

Opinions and ideas for using Kettle Bites

My initial reaction was how light the bag felt and was slightly concerned that one bag wouldn’t be enough but this simply wasn’t the case at all. Due to the nature of the wholegrain texture and the abundance of flavour one packet was more than enough.


I’m already a barbecue flavouring fan and the sweet, tomato-y taste is a nice partner to the wholegrain crunch. Initial reactions from mums varied from

“wow, really nice” “love them” “Are you sure they’re low-fat, they don’t taste like other low-fat foods”


“I like how healthy they taste compared to other crisps” “they have a really nice thick crunch to them” “They taste like grown up crisps!”


“I like how natural the flavouring is, there’s just enough in a bag and I love that I didn’t have post crisp guilt afterwards!”

There were a couple, and only a couple, I should add, that really didn’t like them purely down to the flavour and not being a barbecue fan in the first place.

And Kettle Bite Waves as a snack didn’t just end there. One mum ate hers with a sour cream dip, another as a crumble over salad to give a kick of crunch and flavour. My biggest surprise was a suggestion to crush them and use as a topping on macaroni cheese. I love that idea!

trying out the new Kettle Bites

Can’t smile, I’m eating!

And own personal favourite way to enjoy these crisps, other than straight from the bag, is dipping into to a bowl of soft cream cheese layered with sweet chilli sauce. Who ever said fast food was bad for you have never scooped out a spoon full of Philadelphia on a plate, squeezed on some sauce and enjoyed an alfresco lunch in less than 3 minutes!

Trying out the new Kettle Bites Waves

I’ll just leave this here…

So it’s safe to say that the world is a little brighter, some might say lighter, place now 500 Devon mums have tasted the delights of Kettle Bites Waves.

Trying out the new Kettle Bites Waves


I was sent a rather large batch of Kettle Bites Waves to try and share with other mums, all words and quotes are genuine feedback from those mums. 

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  1. 23rd May 2016 / 11:16 am

    What a fun thing to do! (And can I just say you had me at cream cheese dip?) I bet you had a great time sharing such a yummy looking snack with lots of other Moms. Might just have to check them out myself! Don’t have any left do you….? 😉 #sharethejoy x

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