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How to live the life you desire on a budget

How to live the life you desire on a budget

I love a bargain, who doesn’t, and thanks to the internet I’ve become a serious savvy shopper, rarely purchasing something without having first researched promotions, offer codes and money-saving  voucher websites, I’m often browsing through the  VoucherBin Categories to make sure I’ve got the best possible price. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you’re not paying over the odds.

This became our mantra when the Hubs and I set about a serious home renovation after decide to improve rather than move a few years ago. With grand plans and a simple budget it took some major researching and thrifty decisions to get things just how we wanted. There wasn’t a single purchase that was bought on a whim, I had a vision and was in no mood compromise, but we did it, proving that if you take the time and do the research, anything is possible.

My thrifty-ness has continued, I operate a one-in one-out policy for clothes, making use of selling websites and social media selling pages before buying something new. I tend to stick to a staple wardrobe of good quality old faithfuls and buy occasion wear second-hand then reselling them on, so in theory I’ve worn a new outfit for the cost of the postage and with the rise in competition for delivery, you can even price-compare for that.

My spending habits have also been adopted by my children, they’ve learnt to shop around for the best price, gaining a life lesson in deferred gratification along the way which I hope will stay with them, keeping them out of debt and financial savvy for the rest of their long, happy lives. They get their  allowance loaded onto their debit cards in return for chores they’ve done and any purchase they make can be done with their cards meaning there’s no waste or any loose change ‘burning a hole’ their pockets.

Our friends and family don’t escape our money-saving methods either.  I try to do as much birthday shopping in the January sales. This benefits them as they’re getting something that originally cost a lot more than I’d usually spend and by keeping a note of who’s getting what-and-when, no birthdays gets missed, I even buy a few reserve presents for kids parties and as my boys get more expensive in their clothing tastes, I can plan ahead and get them quality and quantity in the brands they love.  It’s a win – win situation and has taken the stress out of making any last-minute, rubbish present decisions.

I haven’t always been this clever with money, it’s been a learning curve and journey to debt free, but with a few tweaks here and there, we’ve not had to compromise too much.

By looking after the pennies, the pounds have looked after themselves.


how I live the life i do on a thrifty budget


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