Log burners and time keeping. Not my best moments

Log burners and time keeping. Not my best moments

This week I’m taking inspiration from the Single Parent Pessimist blog to list 3 things that have not gone well this week, 3 things I can improve on and 3 things I have done well. I like Pessimist’s mentality that you should keep checking in and re evaluating the little things so life doesn’t get too stagnant. I try to be a good mum, wife, blogger and general all round good person but sometimes things don’t go as planned and as much as I think people should live by the ‘Good enough’ parenting mantra there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

So here goes, my 3 things;

3 things that were not so good this week

  1. I was very close to being late for school several times this week. In my defence the clock in my kitchen is stuck on 5 o’clock (always 5 o’clock somewhere!) and the one on my cooker is 5 minutes slow but I only found this out yesterday. There’s nothing worse than the walk of shame, as you pass all the organised parents strolling in the opposite direction to you.
  2. I’ve had a rubbish cooking week, using sachets and old faithfuls instead of thoughtful, healthy meals. I just wasn’t organised enough with my online grocery shopping, ordering it late at night on my phone is never a great idea. This lead to impulsively shouting out at the school gates to Tween to buy a few cakes in the after school bake sale because there wasn’t much food in the house. Note to self, make sure no other parents hear next time, especially social worker mum. (When I say no food, obviously this was a gross exaggeration and we do have some basics, just not the evening, stuff your face, indulge type)
  3. I’ve not written any decent blog posts! In fact I’ve totally bored myself reading back some of the things I’ve written. My brain just hasn’t engaged this week, even conversations have been hard work. Nothing a good nights sleep can’t sort though. I hope.
3 things I can improve on
  1. I need to make more effort and phone my siblings. Before I know it, it’s Friday and I haven’t spoke to them in a week or 3. I’m rubbish at simply picking up the phone and speaking to someone these days. I’m defiantly not going to make sister of the year and there is no excuse other than I’m busy, and that’s a rubbish one quite frankly.
  2. I must try and stop putting any paper I find lying around on the log burner, this should avoid embarrassing conversations with Tween’s teacher about why he hasn’t handed his homework in.
  3. Buy more food. (see above)
3 things I’ve done well.
  1. I managed to brave it and go into Teenager’s bedroom to give it it’s monthly deep clean. The hoover now makes a funny sound and there’s still a funny smell but at least I can see the carpet and we have a good supply of clean, dry towels.
  2. I’m really ahead on Christmas shopping, just got to find some good hiding places as I’m sure last year’s were rumbled.
  3. I remembered to defuzz before baby swimming lessons.
There you have it, call it my personal development plan, no excuses next week.
Wish me luck!
With love from lovely Devon

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