Little Things Which Make your home energy efficient

Little Things Which Make your home energy efficient

Ever get that urge to reassess how energy efficient my house is? I’ve had a rejig of finances lately and it was the perfect time to look at how my house was doing, it’s so easy to become complacent and let things just tick by. A quick calculation and I realised it’s been 12 years since I looked at way to cut costs which was all kick started by a chance encounter with a social media post about solar panels.

I’ve done the whole cavity wall thing, helped by a grant, as was the boiler. But 12 years is along time and my once efficient boiler is now verging on the ready to be replaced corner. (Check out the  boiler grants website for more info) and I’ve switched to a water meter recently which halved my bill and has made the whole family think about how much water we’re using. Baths have been swapped for showers and the garden is watered from the rain gathered in the water butt. Simple things which I always intended to do but never really had the incentive until we switched.

That’s not all though, little things, such as only filling up the kettle to boil what’s needed, turning the TV off when no one’s actually watching it and fitting lined curtains and new roof window blackout blinds have helped keep the warm in, has a good choice a beautiful range of roof blinds and I upgraded to some thermal curtains from Dunelm Mill. In the colder months I close all curtains and blinds at dusk to help stop heat escaping from the windows.

I’d love to take it a step further with getting those solar panels I read about, maybe one day, I’ve been toying with the idea for years. But for now it’s the combination of all these little things which lead to making my home more energy efficient.

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