Don’t Panic! Here’s A Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide..

Don’t Panic! Here’s A Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide..

Less than a week to go until that day when fellow mums wake up to handmade cards with flowers on and breakfast in bed; otherwise known as Mothers Day. I’m not holding out for the later going on the basis that the only kids I own, who I’d give free rein in the kitchen to, don’t tend to immerge out of their pits before 11am on a weekend. On the flip side, I still love showing my amazing mum how much I appreciate everything she does on this day and I’m happy to report I’m all prepared.

If you’re one of the last to the Mothers Day party and can feel the rising panic that you still haven’t bought your gifts yet, fear not, I’ve cobbled together some last minute gift ideas, some which you can order from Amazon Prime and get delivered next day. There’s something for every budget here ranging from  £49.99 for the Amazon Echo Dot which I can personally recommend as being amazing, ideally I’d have one in every room as Alexa has fast become my friend as I ask her to let me know everything from weather reports, horoscopes, add things to my shopping list, play music and count me through my morning planks. I’ve eyed up the Amazon Spot and currently arguing out the ‘do I want or do I need’ in my head as I try not to impulse buy on payday. They’re easy enough to set up if your mum’s a technophobe too.

here's some last minute Mothers Day gift ideas which you can use with Amazon Prime

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, how about a box Prestat Fine Chocolates. Read the reviews on the Amazon site with trepidation, I was salivating at the thought of them!  Or maybe an indoor herb garden (save money on buying potted herbs in the supermarket so it’s a gift which keeps on giving.) a Rituals bath set with the aromas of Cherry blossom and Rice Milk. Who doesn’t love an indulgent bath or a miniature gin gift set from, perfect for trying out the many flavours gracing the market

last minute gift guide for mothers day

Or if you’re buying for your children to show your wife, partner or girlfriend how amazing they are, why not go for something a little more personal? Like a personalised Mummy necklace or Apron from  Handmade at Amazon. Just don’t forget the card! There are some really cute/funny/heartfelt ones.


I’ve tried to keep this post short and sweet so you can dash off and get ordering without having to listen to me waffle on anymore.

Whatever side of the fence you’re sitting this Mothers Day, have an ace one.




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