Kitting Out A Toddler In River Island

Kitting Out A Toddler In River Island

I’d never class myself as an opinated person, but there are occasions when I have to express a preference and one of these occasions is clothing for toddlers. Given the choice, my boy would be dressed head to toe in Paw Patrol & Fireman Sam apparel, I on the other hand am not a huge fan of character clothing. Sorry boy!
I much prefer to see a funky kitted out little chap, rocking the latest fashion and while mamas holding the purse strings, I’ve still got a little control. History has taught me it won’t be long until any opinion I have about fashion will be met with complete and utter ghast and grunts of “seriously, who lets their mum choose their clothes or on a good day, “it’s ok mum, I’ll go and choose them myself.” Hormone pending.

Kitting out the toddler in River Island, thus last collection of kids fashion is super trendy
Just take this outfit from River Island kids range for example. Seriously, how ruddy cute is it! If on trend comfy gear floats your boat then head over to their site sometime, you really won’t be disappointed. With my younger 2 boys being within their age range ( 0 -12 years ) I could be really mean and dress them in matching but the tween would probably disown me. In all honesty though,  I’ve been spoilt for choice trying to choose some toddler gear and the price works for me too, these boys do growth spurts with gumption!
Things I’m loving the most in the toddler range are little helpful extras like elastic waist adjusters to accommodate slim jim’s and the material being super soft. The sizes are pretty true to size and can withstand rough and tumble play.

While the boots have side zips so no fiddling round with laces and wriggly toddlers. Happy days! (Although my boy does insist on trying to undo them every time.)

I’ve now got one dapper looking dude to chaperone me on my daily errands!

Kitting out the toddler in River Island, this last collection of kids fashion is super trendy

I have been sent the products for the purpose of this review. All photos and words are entirely my own. 


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