Keeping your home safe with Corgi

Keeping your home safe with Corgi

The cold weather caught us by surprise at the weekend. It’s been relatively mild down here in Devon but after a weekend in the Forest of Dean  we returned to a freezing cold house late Sunday late. Usually our log burner  heats our mid terrace home so we rarely switch on the central heating, save for an hour on really cold mornings. But this time we needed heat and we needed it fast so left it working away for most of the night.

But then I had that awful panic feeling.

We are yet to get our boiler serviced, it’s not the nicest thing to spend your hard-earned cash on and things keep getting in the way but after a very interesting conversation with my step dad, I found out that our carbon monoxide detector was most probably placed in the wrong spot, further more, I can’t remember the last time I tested it to see if actually worked. (It doesn’t help that it’s out of reach for a shortie like me!)

It was a requirement for the log burner installation so we do have one,  I am usually very vigilant at keeping our home safe. Studies have shown that in the last three years, an estimated one in six homes inspected by the Gas Safe Register was found to have an unsafe gas appliance and one in eleven have an unsafe boiler, I wasn’t taking any chances. 

Carbon monoxide is a  colourless, odourless gas, quite fitting for it being known as a silent killer. So a detector is the only way of knowing you have a problem. Some things just aren’t worth risking.
Please do check out this site at Corgi, who are  campaigning for every home to have their own CO detector they’ve created a microsite to help families be aware of the dangers of gas appliances in their own home if you need any more facts. It’s packed with easy to follow advice and warning signs to look out for,  is an easy reference resource for homeowners unsure about how to protect themselves and their families and tells you what to do when things go wrong at home.
Nothing is worth risking your family for.
Keeping your home safe with Corgi, click here for advice on protecting your family form carbon monoxide poisoning this winter
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