Why A Jord Watch Is The Perfect Gift For A Teenager

Why A Jord Watch Is The Perfect Gift For A Teenager

I personally find men really hard to buy for; my go to list is usually made up of the usual run of the mill socks, boxers, smellies and whisky. There it;s out there, I’m completely rubbish and lack all manner of imagination when it comes to presents. Not great for a mum of 3 boys is it? So gift guides are my absolute god send at this time of year,as I scour the inter web and magazines for inspiration. But what do you get a man / boy for christmas? That’s my real puzzler.

We’re past Lego kits and computer games, he buys his own clothes and works and saves up for anything other frivilous things his heart so desires. I’m stumped.

Or at least I was stumped.

Then it struck me, my boy was taking more and more pride in his appearance. He’d gone form scruffy skater boy hiding under his hood all the time to a smart, image conscious, quality loving young man. So what does a mum get her son who’s wanting to impress his friends and other girls.  A super cool watch from the  Frankie  mens range at Jord.

I think this Jord wood watch will be the perfect present for my teenage son
A watch, which by pure coincidence is also his nick name!

Simply put, these are  hand crafted Watches Made From Wood coming in a variety of styles and colours. I’ve chosen  Vibrant emerald green and intensely hued sandalwood, from the more minimal range ( I’ve had my eye on the more delicate Cora range of womens watches for some time, although the Frankie range can suit a man or woman due to it’s minimalist style, I just found the size a little too big for my wrist so something smaller would be better for me.)

I think this Jord wood watch will be the perfect present for my teenage son
And what I know my teenager will love more than anything is that a Jord watch is exclusive in it’s design, that you can tell straight away what make it is and that he’ll be a trend setter amongst his peers. It’s a step away from the more mature leather straps and yet more modern than any metal chained watches on the market. No, the Jord style is simply perfect for an older teenager wanting to stamp his style within a generation where by you can’t have the same as your friends but you share the similar taste. This is the individualistic style which many teens yearn for.

Presented in a solid wooden box, oozing quality and class, there’s no mistaking you’ve got something special.

So that’s settled then, I’m pretty dead set that this is going to be the perfect gift for an older teenager 

(and if you’re looking too, here’s a discount code for $25 off any watch (world wide shipping is free so if you’re not US based, there’s no added delivery to worry about) If you’re local to me I also have some $50 discount cards to hand out)

I think that this Jord wood watch will be the perfect gift for a teenager

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