Itchy heads put to bed! Headlice treatment review


Any mum, dad or carer of school age children will understand the never ending nightmare of head lice, it’s tantamount to fire fighting with a cup of water. No longer the dirty word that you never dare admit to, nit woes are sense of despair at Tween’s school gates, as we share tips and moans of the itchy critters.

I’ve not quite worked out the formula for their preference but Teenager never seemed to bring home the nasty nippers as much as Tween does, it’s got to the point now when we get the dreaded letter from school, informing us that there is an outbreak (which feels like every other week sometimes) I don’t even bother to check his hair, we just simply de-nit that evening regardless. I personally would prefer a straight to it, ‘your child has been itching all day and we’ve seen movement’ letter. I know that schools have to be discreet and not single children out, but I’m sure that there is one child in each class (at least) who never gets treated and is the constant supplier, leaving all the other parents to tackle the problem endlessly. (moan over.)

This isn’t the most glamorous product review I’ve ever done, but  I jumped at the chance to try out a new treatment called Vamousse, especially as it seems we’ve tried everything else.

It’s just as shame this couldn’t have been a whole class experiment as 1 in 3 children primary school aged children will get head lice this year.
And I didn’t have to wait long to put the treatment to the test. I saw an itch I knew we had visitors again.


Vamousse is a mousse headlice treatment  and comes with a handy comb, which is perfect as I’m always forgetting where I’ve put ours from the last time.

 The instructions are easy to follow as well.

What I found really useful was the free mobile gaming app, ‘High Noon for Head Lice‘ that Tween played while I was combing the mousse through, meaning there wasn’t a “how long?” grumble in sight.   It’s available  to download free in the App Store and Google Play store. 

You start by parting your hair into sections, this helps make sure you’re covering every last strand.
 I had to convince Tween on this one as he thought I was making
him look too girly, but once I’d assured him that this would stop the itching he was ok.

The mousse is really easy to apply, as so much comes out with a the smallest squirt you can get really good coverage.

It took at most 10 minutes to get the whole head covered and the mousse combed through. It ‘melts’ into the hair, covering every strand without dripping or running onto clothes.

The smell wasn’t too over powering, Tween said it was lemony but Husband thought it was strawberry. Either way it wasn’t too chemical smelling. 

You then wait 15 minutes, then comb through again, wiping in-between each comb through on a tissue. This is how you can really tell it works as the eggs and lice were visible on the tissue.

It’s rrp is £14.99 for a bottle and comb and I only used approximately a 1/4 of the bottle on Tween’s hair. For longer hair though you’d probably need 1/2 to the whole bottle but with the comb included and by using the shampoo it compares well to the other brands on the market.

You can find Vamousse at Boots, Superdrug and other leading chemists.

We’ve followed this up by washing a few days later with the protective shampoo so when Tween goes back to school tomorrow we’re in full armour mode and hoping that it’s put an end to our nit nightmare!

I’ll report back and update this post in a month’s time to let you know how well the shampoo performed.

More information on how to treat head lice can be found here and how to prevent the little critters here

I received no money for writing this review. I was sent a bottle of both the treatment and shampoo to trial and this is how we got on. 

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