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Introducing JewelStreet Feat Anchor & Crew

Introducing JewelStreet Feat Anchor & Crew

Who doesn’t love a bit of bling? Even a delicate pair of studs can lift an outfit and make you feel a little teeny bit special. I personally never leave the house without my earrings, especially now my fingers are looking a little bare!

But for me, a piece of jewelery needs to have a story. Be it from the person who gave it to you or the designer who created it which leads me seamlessly into an introduction into JewelStreet,  home to over 500 independent jewellery designers each with an amazing story to tell which results in unique jewellery which is crafted with passion, patience and attention to detail. So while I have a few pieces of sentiment, I can now treat myself to something which fits the other bill.

A word of warning, if you’re even slightly indecisive, put aside a good hour or so before heading over to browse. I’ve got so much on my want and needs list now, and being able to really get to know the designers behind each piece makes that back story I crave so much easier and appealing. Unfortunately, it now appears I have more expensive tastes than I realised #goals.

So to tempt my wandering eye away from the stunning diamond rings and pendant necklaces (knowing there’s a few one off’s in those collections doesn’t help either!) I’m toning a down with a more practical look at British brand Anchor & Crew; the perfect nod towards a coastal living lady like yours truly.

They combine Great British naval heritage with contemporary styles with inspiration from anchors and nautical objects. Anchor & Crew are handmade, exclusive durable designs which not only look good, they’ll last!  Created using GB-Marine certified rope, natural leather and precious and semi-precious metals into jewellery suitable for both men and women. I’ve picked out a couple of pieces to show you exactly what they’re all about…

I love this contemporary and unisex jewellery from Jewel Street

Red Dash Admiral Silver and Rope Bracelet

The Red Dash Admiral silver and rope bracelet is a one size fits all and suitable for ladies or gents. As an everyday piece, looking great as a summer accessory, it’s perfect for anyone with a love of the sea or find memories of happy holidays on the coast.

………….Or maybe the more subtle Grey Dash Tyne Silver And Rope Bracelet is more your style.


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