An Interview With British Rock Climber Jenna Goddard

An Interview With British Rock Climber Jenna Goddard

I’ve written a few posts now about my day at the Saltrock’s  Croyde View Festival where my family and I got to sample an easy-going festival atmosphere in our home county, Devon and I also had the brief pleasure of meeting pro climber, Jenna Goddard. As a fellow Devonian, it’s always great to meet someone who champions all that’s good to come out of the county, aside from cream teas, cider and crab sandwiches. At the tender age of 28, Jenna has gained 1st place in a number of local competition and attended Rab Superbloc Masters, an invite only London-based competition. She’s a shining example of how to live a healthy and active lifestyle which is why I’m so excited to feature her on Mum in a Nutshell!

An interview with pro climber, Jenna Goddard

I love hearing about what makes a successful woman and from my brief chat with her, it was clear that as modest as she is, she knows her stuff. As I rambled on about my husband’s Coastguard cliff dangling antics she explained how he most probably manages it, I just thought he was a little nuts as I  start hyperventilating 2 meters from the cliff edge!

An interview with pro climber, Jenna Goddard the latest ambassador for Saltrock.

So without further hesitation, here’s a 5 minute interview with the lady herself.

What age did you start climbing? (I’ve got a toddler who climbs everything is this a sign!) 

I started really late (around my mid-twenties), however, a lot of the pro climbers have been climbing since a very early age. Climbing is a very natural thing for us all when we are young. Part of me wishes that I had found the sport earlier but then again I have jumped straight in at the deep end and been able to commit a lot of time having discovered the sport after all my education.


What sparked your passion for climbing?

When I got on the wall for my first taster session I just knew that this was something I could do well in. I knew that there was a lot I could learn and improve on and an immense desire to do better.  That pretty much happens every time I climb. I know there is still a lot left for me to achieve.


Describe a normal day for a pro climber;

I still have to work, so a normal day for me isn’t that different. I may train morning and/or evening depending on my hours. The best days lately are my trips outside – wake up, grab breakfast, pack up the car and head to cheddar for a full day of getting spat off the rock: PERFECT! Falling off is the best way to learn, if I don’t fall off I don’t feel like I’m trying hard enough!


For kids wanting to becoming successful in extreme sports what would you recommend? 

Consistency, I believe that if you put the time into anything then you will become successful.

You also have to want it, you have to continually push yourself and mix up your training to accommodate weaknesses, and HAVE FUN!!!


The futures bright, the futures…..(what’s your long term goal?) 

The future is very promising! I aim to continue exploring outdoor climbing and see where this takes me next. I’m currently trying to choose between a climbing trip to Spain or Thailand!


How do your family handle having an extreme sports woman in their midst? 

My family are incredible! I have three brothers, one who climbs and two who are into motocross, and my mother also started climbing the same time as us, she’ll come along to cheddar for a day out on the rock too. I don’t think they would consider me an extreme sports woman!

To carry on the sports theme, Saltrock who have recently signed Jenna up as one of their ambassadors, have kindly donated a goody bag consisting of a Ridge skateboard, Kids Saltrock hoody and a Saltrock  t-shirt. Enter via the Rafflecopter below.


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  1. Tracy Nixon
    29th August 2015 / 7:13 am

    Great interview! Jenna has such stamina and is so brave! Sad to admit that I lack both! I say go for it Jenna!

  2. 1st September 2015 / 11:31 pm

    Fab interview! I can’t imagine being strong enough to climb. Thanks for linking up to #TheLIst x

    • 6th September 2015 / 10:20 pm

      I’ve tried it a couple of times and loved it but it was in the safety of a climb centre, not sure I could go out on a cliff though.

  3. Vicky Robinson
    22nd September 2015 / 1:24 pm

    I would love to do climbing indoors and will look into taking the kids as there is a sports place near us that offers it. It looks really good fun. I do know that I haven’t got the head for heights to do it for real off a cliff though!

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