Improving my sleep with the S+ by ResMed

Improving my sleep with the S+ by ResMed

It’s probably no surprise that these last few years have been some of my worst for getting a good night’s sleep. Pregnancy, (although I was permanently tired I suffered with frequent night wakings thanks to being the size of rhino and SPD) then the usual new baby phase where sleep just goes out of the window and you grab what you can, whenever you can. And more recently,starting up 2 new businesses, burning the candle at both ends to get everything done and current events in my personal life leaving me buzzing with thoughts at 2am.

I’m a statistic, I know. A classic example of times when you just don’t get in the zzzz’s you need to function normally. I’ve been aiming for 6 hours unbroken stretches. Not a big ask, but that’s what I read to be the minimal amount. 8 would be bliss, but I’ll settle for 6.

But now life’s settling down a little, it’s high time I tackled the issue of sleep. I needed to understand exactly what’s going on and practice some relaxation and mind clearing techniques. I needed a gadget, I (love gadgets, the adult word for toy!) And I’ve found one.

Positioned by my bed, the S+ by ResMed is a device which monitors your breathing patterns and records the light, noise and temperature conditions, as well as features to help you sleep more easily. It’s linked up to an app on your phone which you set each night before you settle down for the night.

I’ve become a little obsessed by checking it as I wake each morning. Aiming for the ultimate 100/100 sleep score. (which I’m hoping will happen one day.) But aside from that, there’s some extras which will help you achieve it.

Starting with  Mind Clear

Specially designed sounds synchronize with your breathing, gradually slowing it down to help you fall asleep more easily. Our “Mind Clear” feature offers simple text and voice tools for recording tomorrow’s to-do list so you can go to sleep with a calm, uncluttered mind

This is most definately the root of my night wakings, when something’s niggling in the background which needs addressing at stupid o’clock. (that time when you can do nothing about it, and everything seems worse.)

I’ve also been making use of the Relax Day time setting, a choice of calming sounds which I pop on for 5 minutes timeout and to calm my breathing; something which was recently picked up at during a reflexology session. Once I’ve taken a few long deep breaths, I’m ready to go again.


My favourite feature, other than my constant need to score my sleep and improve my deep sleep time, is the smart alarm. You put in you time, then give your self a buffer period either side to find the optimal waking pattern. It then gently wakes you rather than giving you an awkward jolt, where you struggle to work out which day it is, where you are and if you’re dreaming.




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