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I know I Need Time To Unwind, It’s just….

I know I Need Time To Unwind, It’s just….

I’m a bugger for not switching off and relaxing these days, and I doubt I’m alone. With 3 kids and a business to run there’s actually very little time spare to schedule in some time to unwind. But I should, in fact scrap that, I must. Should isn’t even an option. I’ve burnt the candles at both ends for the last couple of years, kept my eye off the ball and juggled too many plates, paying the price rather heavily.

So, I’ve been racking my brains about how to make a change. Looking after number one is more important than ever now. And don’t think for one moment that having some downtime as a busy mum,  dad or any one for that matter is selfish, as without that time to recharge, you’re good for no one.

It’s really okay to charge up your battery because if you don’t you will run out of energy and power.
Dyea Smith, Failure Is Fuel

I’ve decided, it’s time for a change. a fresh start, a new me, an ORGANISED ME! I’m going to plan my day, be disciplined and make sure I’ve had some time in the day to unwind. Think of it as being an electric car which needs plunging in ready for it’s next journey. Yep, that’s right I’m comparing myself to a Nissan Leaf if you need an analogy. Which is a little pants really as I’d rather see myself as a sleek, classy Merc.

So what does a lady do these days to unwind? Ordinarily I’d have surfed the web, faffed around on Facebook and window shopped on eBay. But my unwind goal now, with my working day revolving around the PC, is to avoid the lure of the web. To switch off mentally & digitally.

And that’s chuffin’ nigh on impossible for a technology loving lady like yours truly.

Which leaves me with the following options; read a book, take up knitting or meditate.


And here’s the tricky part. When I read a book I get fully absorbed, I live breathe and dream the characters (one of the reasons I never read the 50 Shades Trilogy!) I tend to see it through, start to finish in a couple of days. Hence I’ve not indulged since the toddler’s arrival.

And knitting, tried it, made a Barbie scarf and gave up. My practical mind just told me to pop along to Primark and buy the knit wear I so desired, for a fraction of the cost of a ball of wool.

Which leaves meditating; does looking out of my bedroom window, coffee in hand,  admiring the trees blowing in the wind count? It’s really relaxing, honest.  I’m also quite good at imagining up scenarios where a tall, dark, handsome man comes to my rescue while I struggle in numerous damsel in distress situations. Is that mediating? It’s a happy place I visit in my head sometimes so surely that counts?

Ok so the results are in. Unless it involves mindless internet usage, I’m crap at unwinding. But ……. in todays modern,technology fuelled generation, I’ll say that’s allowed. I’m not working, I’m relaxed and I’m unwinding.

And I’m not stressing over a ball of wool, while sitting in the locus position with a book on my lap.

How do you unwind? Why not share your thoughts in this Survey by Rattan Direct to be part of a bigger picture on how people do it these days.

you should always make time to relax, here's why;


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  1. 26th September 2016 / 8:57 am

    I do love to read but the same as you, it doesn’t really help me switch of it just keeps me reading! It is so hard to switch off at night but I found listening to audiobooks helps me.

  2. 26th September 2016 / 11:32 pm

    It’s so hard to switch off! I find listening to podcasts and audiobooks really helps 🙂

  3. 29th September 2016 / 9:08 am

    Here’s the thing I found – when I was newly divorced, building up a business, parenting – I did the same, I burned the candle at both ends, didn’t sleep, didn’t eat properly, got super stressed, and paid the price with a major health scare a few years ago. You have to have some time away from the Internet. For me, what’s worked is actually something really unexpected – getting involved in the local scouting groups as an adult leader. It’s a few hours a week when I absolutely can’t think about work, or blogging, or parenting, and have to be in the moment. I find it easier somehow to do that than to ignore my surroundings at home and read a book. I’m also a fan of audio books and music while I’m walking the dog!

  4. 25th November 2016 / 1:28 pm

    I would recommend the Headspace app for daily 15 minute guided meditations. It certainly worked for me.

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