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I Found It! The Perfect Skincare Routine

I Found It! The Perfect Skincare Routine

So, hands up. What’s your most annoying skin complaint? Wrinkles, spots or just dull, tired looking skin? Maybe it’s all three. But here’s the thing, you don’t have to settle for it. I’m totally in the whole you are what you eat  camp. (unfortunately that means I’m a walking bottle of Proseco after a week with my sister staying. Everything in moderation I say, and if Mama aint happy, ‘aint nobody happy, last week Proseco made me happy but I’m back on it with a detox and health kick ahead

Anyway, I digress. The point I’m trying to make is that sometimes you don’t have to settle for what nature gave you, that you can tweak what you don’t like if you fancy it. And back along,  I wasn’t loving the dull, tell-tale signs that the ageing process and months of stress was doing to the skin on my face.

You see I’m in the midst of a midlife changeover and will take anything I can, within reason, to help boost my confidence and point me in the right direction of a whole new world I’m just discovering. So I’m well up for testing out the Bravura London skincare range of acid peels. Initially I thought no way hosé am i waking a load of chemicals on my face with the danger of looking like a zombie run attendee. But after reading through what this actually entailed I was swayed.

I've trialled the range of acid peels from Bravura London and found the perfect skincare routine!
It’s not acid in the strongest, scary sense of the word, far from it, these are carefully blended potions of face transforming, do-at-home wonder pots.

Glycolic Acid is an Alpha hydroxy acid which performs at the base of the stratum corneum (the top layers of your skin), dissolving the ‘glue’ that holds dead skin cells together. Because this increases cell turnover, skin becomes smoother, more elastic and more even in tone and texture.

At the same time Glycolic Acid also stimulates your skin to produce more collagen. Collagen is the main structural protein of the skin and keeps it elastic and line free; when this starts to disintegrate, skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Replacing the collagen your skin has lost with age can help diminish crow’s feet around the eyes, frown lines, and vertical lines around the lips.

It all started with a flurry of emails asking which skin type I was and what did I want to rectify. Then a parcel arrived containing my recipe to fabulousness. I’m guessing by now that you’ve realised that I am seriously impressed by how effective the Bravura range is.

I've trialled the range of acid peels from Bravura London and found the perfect skincare routine!
I received two different types of acid; glycolic and lactic. A pot of moisturiser, a fan brush to apply the acids, facial cleaning oil, toner and some hyaluronic acid serum. Along with a full and thorough leaflet explaining how each worked along with some safety advice, like a reminder to use an spf while using them as your skin is more susceptible to UVA/UVB damage.

So tentatively I sat down at my dressing table, following the instructions to the later.

You begin by giving your face a good clean with the cleansing oil, the evening cleanse took a couple of cotton wool pads worth. Man does this stuff shift the grime! You then clear the skin of any left over oil and dirt with the deliciously smelling toner. Then it’s on with the acid.
The recommendation is to alternate between each one every other days (so one day doing neither) and log it on the back on the leaflet so I knew which day was which. I decanted the acid into empty glass pots and then dipped the brush in and swept it over my face for 5 minutes. You feel a very slight tingling sensation but nothing uncomfortable. (Those 5 minutes are perfect timing for my daily planking exercises) and then wash away with warm water, pat drying gently with a towel. Next step is the serum, which helps get the moisture back in as well as pup up your skin, and then you follow with the moisturiser,

The effects are almost instant, with brighter, softer, clearer skin but the real benefits are seen after a month or so. I’m quite freckly and the excess pigmentation is reduced. Fine lines are much less visable too. This is one skincare routine which I am sticking with and have been recommending to friends and family. It’s not too pricey either (£9.59 for 1 bottle of glycolic acid) and after a months continued use I’ve only used half a bottle.

Huge thumbs up from me ladies (and gents, I’ve tried it on my son’s face to help with a few acne scars) my skin has never looked better.


I received the mentioned products to trial and share my results. All words and photos are my own. 


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