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How to find professional services online

How to find professional services online

The internet is a wonderful thing, I’m sure you’ll agree. I think back to my pre computer/iphone/ipad days and its remarkable how I got anything done. I remember spending hours phoning insurance companies for quotes when I first need home insurance, waiting for the local paper to come out every Wednesday when looking for jobs or a flat to rent and furniture for said flat I was in search of. Or scouring notice boards then trying to memorize phone numbers.

It’s safe to say I have truly embraced this evolution of instant information and one of the handiest tools its given me is looking for services on-line. So much so, I no longer have any large, bulky yellow pages or Thompson directories gathering dust.

For example, when the Toddler was born, I was desperate for a newborn photo shoot. Not really knowing how much it would cost or the logistics around it I set about searching the web to find a photographer and their prices. It took a while and still required a fair amount of writing things down and emails being sent back and forth, as well as reaching out for recommendations on the ones I’d whittled down. I had a little more time on my hands back then with lots of sofa feeding sessions to take advantage of until I found the perfect photographer for my needs.

finding the right online professional service can be a mine field but I've found a few tips which help.

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But in those 18 months and even simpler way of finding exactly what I’m looking for has evolved once more in the form of which changed how I find professional services online completely. Instead of me doing the leg work, I typed in my requirements through a series of tick boxes and they did the searching. This meant I could find what I needed, within my budget and needs.

This method of finding a service online is super handy when trying to find someone when you don’t know the area. Maybe you’ve just moved or you’re looking for someone else, an elderly relative perhaps. Theres always the argument floating around that a good local firm doesn’t need to advertise, and that word of mouth is the best way to go about finding someone. while that is good advice, it’s not the only way. Much better to do your own research and then get recommendations, then checking, for example, the review section on Bark’s website.

I’m currently at this point myself. We need to call in a professional to finish a few jobs around the house, they’ve been on our to do list which is constantly ignored so with the new year enthusiasm I’ve made them a priority, my only problem being a very limited, post-Christmas budget and a serious lack of time. I’ll be taking my own advise and trying out to see whats out there and with any luck, I can tick one or two jobs leaving more time to work on my other new years must dos.

finding the local and national professional services online can be made quicker and simpler with these tips;

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