Home Improvements, Gotta Love ’em.

Home Improvements, Gotta Love ’em.

It’s been some time since I embraced on an epic mission for some home improvements . Top to bottom, no room was spared. And it’s safe to safe that the process was absolutely exhausting, especially while gripped in the early days of morning sickness, shudder. When it was complete (still a few lingering jobs which need finishing so complete is not really the right word.) I hung up my paint splattered joggers and vowed NEVER TO DO IT AGAIN.

But I forgot that houses need maintaining, that kids, dogs and life in general doesn’t consider the time and effort that went into glossing the door frames, stripping wall paper, waxing the skirting boards and painting every bloody room in the house.

I sit here writing this with my back to the black board in my kitchen detailing the growing list of to do jobs mounting up. I need to get the A-Rated Home Improvements professionals in! But I know that there is still so many more home improvements which could make my little home more appealing. Starting with an ickle tiled roof extension or even a conservatory squeezed on the back. Nothing fancy, just an extension from my kitchen with a glass roof. Somewhere to place a big comfy armchair and spend the evening curled up under the stars.

The spot in question is currently home to a small terraced deck furnished with pot plants, a side table and a couple of rattan chairs. It’s the perfect sunny spot to sit with an afternoon cup of tea but now the days are shorter and colder, it’s struck me that this little spot is only used a couple of months of the year.

So while I ignore that chalked up list of DIY jobs, I’m dreaming up ways to waste another few thousand pounds in a glass roofed, chill area room which I clearly don’t need.


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