He’s Not Naughty, It’s How He Learns | Living Arrows #6

He’s Not Naughty, It’s How He Learns  | Living Arrows #6

It’s any wonder I get anything done during the wild one’s waking hours. During his desperate attempts to fathom out the rules and goings on around him, he has become my constant shadow of un-doings. No sooner have I tidied the living room, he is two steps behind me pounding cushions. As I transfer the contents of the dishwasher to their place in the kitchen, he’s taking them out again to put back in the dishwasher and the moment I make the beds, he’s on up climbed up and is hiding under the covers, always and everyday my little monkey bouncing on the bed!

I know he’s not naughty or mischievous, it’s how he learn. By mimicking the everyday tasks his mamma does, and when he’s not watching, copying or relaying the everyday moments. He’s doing what every child was born to do, having fun and living life to the full!


Living arrows; one little monkey jumping on the bed

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth


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