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Here’s Some Great Advice On Switching Energy Suppliers

Here’s Some Great Advice On Switching Energy Suppliers

I consider myself fairly savy when it comes to managing money. Aside from the odd splurge I nearly always shop around, especially when it comes to running a house. Take my mortgage for instance, when my current deal is coming to an end, I look around for a better one, I’ve just recently swapped broadband suppliers and am giving up the Sky TV mantle (18 years people, 18 Sky TV infested years, I deserve a lifetime subscription) but I’m giving Now TV a go to see if it saves me some pennies.

One thing I do each year, without fail, is to check that I’m getting the best deal for my gas and electric. It’s quite a chuck of wonga to be parting with each month, so if I can get it down a little by Switching Suppliers, rather than being moved onto the standard deal with my current supplier, then it’s happy days and more money for shoe shopping.

Years ago this involved being vigilant with your bill and going through several energy suppliers’ websites trying to compare price plans. I never really knew how much energy we used, only the amount of the direct debit. But I have noticed that it’s getting easier. Websites like Ofgem’s ‘Be an Energy Shopper’ have three categories to help users understand how to get the best deal for their energy bills, by explaining the ins and outs of market which some people find confusing


Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 10.45.11

Before you dive into the next best offer it’s really worth going through and learn a little more such as understanding bills where you can find out of you’re on the best energy deal, how to work out exactly what you’re paying for and even how to take a meter reading. Once you’ve got your head around that then finding out a little more about different energy tariffs and deals  and how to compare them, not all are the same. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to gamble with surprise bill. (surprise me with no strings attached money any day, however!) So a fixed deal is always my go-to. There are other dealcs too, such as variable (which tend to be more expensive) if you don’t want to be tied into a price plan, and I always take a dual fuel deal to save the faff of having separate bills for gas and electric.

helping you switch energy suppliers and be a savy energy shopper

One thing you must always try to do though is compare whats on offer as there really is a difference between costs. Be an Energy Shopper website lists all the Ofgem approved comparison sites and is a  is a free & impartial organisation so you can be confident that you’ll get the best supplier deal for your circumstances.

I have just switched mine recently and it’s simple. Once you’ve gone through the price comparison website (it helps if you have your bill to hand so you know how much fuel you use a year or how much you pay, you then click on the deal you want which takes you to that supplier’s website, fill in your details and that’s pretty much it. They will inform your current supplier and switch you over.

You really have nothing to loose, other than about 20 minutes of your time.



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  1. 22nd November 2016 / 8:13 am

    This is great advice and I really think everyone should sit down once a year and see if they can save money on their bills.

    It’s hard for some renters though because there are often clauses that you can’t change your energy suppliers, meaning even if you wanted to reduce your bill you can’t. Bit unfair I say!

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