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A Simple Way To Celebrate Valentines Day

A Simple Way To Celebrate Valentines Day

Here’s a No Nonsense Way To Celebrate Valentines Day, For Those With No Imagination…..

I’ve been giving this whole romance and valentines day thing some serious thought lately. It’s funny how your perspective on things change once you find your self ‘out there’ again. If I’m honest, I’d fallen out of love with the whole idea of romancing your nearest and dearest on one particular day. I’d even go as far as saying I hated the whole pressure to join the masses, in a restaurant, paying overly inflated prices on a one-off heart adorned menu.

To me, romance should be impromptu and not something which happens because the card shops tell you it should. If there’s a Valentine’s day equivalent of Bar Humburg?

However……I’ve reassesed my whole vision of what constitutes romance and more to the point, what I think would help show that special someone you’re smitten with them some thoughtful gift ideas. Look away now if that makes you want to barf because this, my friends, is a smoochy, lovey dovey, heart infested romance post!

So, let’s think of an alternative to declaring your love and affection. You’ve toyed with the idea of dressing in black, slipping through the window and leaving a box of Milk Tray and a note. Flowers? Teddy bears?


That’s so last decade and not in a good retro way. Is that all you can come up with? Well 70’s lover boy/girl, think again.

Gifts with a Little Thought

How about knocking together a bundle of mixed messages?  A copy of the well known “Guess How Much I Love You Book” matching colouring book and a  bottle of champagne  giving a subtle way of saying

  1. I love you more than you’ll ever realise. Cute Straight to the point and ‘awwwwwww’ .
  2. I want to you relax, take a night off, escape the everyday do something mindless so you’re not thinking about all the chores. RELAX
  3. and the champagne, that will help, not to mention put that unique, this is no ordinary mid-week glass of Pinot spin on the night.

Take it one step further still; come the evening’ tidy the lounge, light some candles, turn the TV off, create an ambience. (make sure kids are in bed, that’s a total romance killer)

Set the scene

A new fragrance in the air will liven the mood. My current fave is I am A Woman reed diffuser by Joan Collins *, it smells devine! The sensual musk and woody aroma will be the perfect romantic atmosphere.  plump up the cushions and set up a Spotify play list of all her favourite songs. Ones which will spark happy memories of the 2 of you, or if it’s a fairly new relationship, try some popular ones from her teens coupled with recent ones with undertones of love and happiness.

I’d avoid Barry White, that’s waaaaaaaay too presumptuous.

Get a take away in, super markets are doing some great Valentines day meal deals if you’d rather cook it your self. Have some conversation starters to avoid your usual topics; tell them everything they love about them, reminis about the time you met, plan for the future. Try and avoid – kids, family, DIY which needs to be done and Brexit/Trump.

So there you have it, it’s quite simple, set the scene, make an effort, relax in each other’s company. THAT’S what Valentines day should be about.


This is a collaborative post

* I am Woman is available to buy from QVC, M&S and Urban Retreat at Harrods


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  1. 14th February 2017 / 12:03 am

    We are planning to go out for a meal and I guarantee we will end up chatting about the kids lol

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