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Helping you to spend more wisely

Helping you to spend more wisely

I’ve decided that as the school holidays are a time where money seems to slip through your fingers, it would be a good idea to share some money saving posts with hints and tips to lighten the load. I’ve always been a thrift seeker (not to be confused with thrill seeker, I take no pleasure in jumping out of aeroplanes!) and try to save the pennies where ever possible so I can afford my ‘wants’ and ‘needs’.

Helping you to be wise with your money with some money saving tips

I tend to do most of my shopping online these days. Once you’ve paid the petrol, parking and lunch, as well as pushed a restless toddler round who’d rather walk and investigate, instead of sitting back and taking in the views, it’s just as convenient to pay someone else to deliver your goods to you. (that’s my argument and I’m sticking by it!) Or when I have taken the plunge and left the house I need to be sure I can exercise the same frugal ways I would at home.

Which leads me seamlessly onto the other reason I like to shop from home; I have a deep desire for a bargain and a need to know I’ve got my goods for the best price possible. To do this I use comparison sites, cash back sites and voucher codes where ever I can,  sourcing them in the past was a breeze. These days, however, I spend a lot more of my time in the internet due to blogging and business accounting so have to be very organised on what I do online and when, leaving me very little time to surf the web to find discount codes, so having one site as your default go to is always a better option.

I’ve saved a fortune in the past and very rarely pay full price. It helps to always set your self a budget and stick to it. When you know what you have in mind, and found the site, hop over to your chosen cash back site and see if you can buy via them. This really works well when looking for new home and car insurance,  a phone & broadband or switching energy suppliers. I tend to narrow down my choices with a comparison website, then go via the cash back site to see if it’s cheaper.

For goods, you can follow the above method of cash back and source a voucher code too. BetterVouchers make this really simple with the most idiot proof search methods ever. They’re also a great site to use for meals out and are a must have for Christmas shopping. The site isn’t littered with rubbish deals so you won’t have to waste time and trawl through to find a bargain. If like me, time is precious, you need to know if you can save money and not waste time reading small print.

I’m also a sucker for supermarket special deals but sometimes what you think is a bargain, isn’t as good as you think. By doing my weekly food shop online, I can keep check on how much I’m spending and compare any special deals against the singular price. A buy 3 items for x amount might seem worthwhile, but it’s worth weighing up if you really need the other items just save 50p. It’s often a clever way of supermarkets getting us to spend more than we need. That’s not to say I don’t get any special offers, quite the opposite, I stock up on non perishables and things I can freeze but I do stick to a budget and my shopping list.

So that’s how I save and spend while not depriving myself or my family too much. I’d love t hear if you have any tips for saving the pennies.


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