Helping Kids Wind Down On Christmas Eve

Helping Kids Wind Down On Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve!

Just those very words make my tummy flip. I prefer this day over any, it’s full on anticipation and excitement at watching my boys prepare for the big day. Even as teenagers they join in with our usual routine of bath, putting out mince pies & Baileys, sprinkling reindeer food on the path to our front door and then tracking Santa’s route on the internet.

This year I’m really jazzing it up though, with the introduction of a Christmas Eve basket to help introduce an element of calm as well as to prepare an over excited toddler for bedtime.

So what else do we do to make sure the boys are climbing the wall come bedtime? Well here goes;

Keep active 

According to an Australian study, every hour a child spends not being active during the day adds 3 minutes to the time taken to nod off at bedtime. So our daily dog walk or trip to the park is an absolute must. Even better if it’s a long walk topped off with hot chocolates in a cosy bar or restaurant.

Stick to your normal routine 

As much as it’s a very excitable day, try to stick to your normal routine, for us this means bath, warm milk, story &  bed. It’s just tweaked a little while we listen out for the jingle bells letting us know Santa’s on his way!

Talk through what’s going to happen at bedtime

Chatting about what you’ll be doing in the evening helps the boys to know what to expect and lower a little of the high spirits. Even at 12, my middle son, as cool as he is, knowing what time we’re watching a movie & when he’ll be turfed out to bed helps him to wind down a little.

and finally…..

Remind them of the Santa Rule

There’s one thing which never fails to remind them that sleep is the only option if they’re going to wake up with full stockings; Santa only come when you’re asleep!


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  1. 29th December 2016 / 12:14 am

    I dont do a christmas eve box but I do do a christmas eve wind down with books, snacks and of course the santa rule x

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