Halloween Memories

 Halloween has always been a big thing in our family.

 I used to think it was our close connections with America, my grandmother’s sister lives in Florida as well as having various other arms of our extended family in the land of opportunity. But as time has gone on, I’ve come to realise it was probably more to do with my grandmother’s wicked sense of humour and her love of scaring children!

She was the matriarch of our family and kept us all in line (along with many other members of our community. If Mrs Russell said jump, you said how high?). Yet my cousins and I adored her. 
She wasn’t overly cuddly, she wasn’t gushing with love. 
We didn’t need her to be, we just knew she adored us back.
So when we sat down and wrote our best memories of her, when she gave up her fight with the call of golden gates this year, Halloween was a word we all shared.
 Nanny loved Halloween. 
And why did Nanny love Halloween? Because she got to scare young children.
We’d gather at her house, our meeting place for all things family, and she’d host a party for all her  grandchildren. There’d be party games and there’d be prizes. But the one thing we all remember is how she scared us as she lay in wait to jump out on her nearest in dearest in full witches attire.  
I so wish I could share a photo but this was a time when we didn’t capture every moment on film. We talked and shared and remembered, in our own personal, terrified way. 
Swede carving has been replaced by Pumpkin carving.
And now our Nanny has passed on this tradition, with my Mum, the most exhibitionist extravagant of all her brood putting on the most amazing of party this Halloween,  keeping our Russell traditions alive for the next generation. 
Only this time we’ve left out the scaring of young children!

In memory of our Nanny


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