What Does Great British Bake Off Do For You?

What Does Great British Bake Off Do For You?

Are you as easily influenced as me? I mean in the TV sense? Does Kirsty have you reaching for the sewing needles? Maybe Charlie had you digging out the shovel and spending Sundays in the local gardening centre? Or, like me, the Great British Bake Off has you lusting after an Aga, a pastel kitchen and dreaming of wowing everyone with your genius baking skills.

Which is great if you have genius baking skills. I like to think of myself as a ‘tries her hardest’ and as long as I stick in my comfort zone, then they’re usually pretty edible. My carrot and banana cake being my biggest success to date when it comes to filling up hungry teenagers, but they tend to stay away from the more healthy sounding cakes I love to try, like my honey and chai seedlemon polenta and olive oil cake.

a recipe for a honey and chai seed cake

I’m also a thrifty baker, a result of inventing too many  recipes which have flopped or only been connived by yours truly. So I shop around for deals and stock up.  websites like Voucherbox.co.uk have cottoned on to the idea too  with their  Great British Save Off; a weekly price comparison of GBBO recipes and the best value supermarket to buy ingredients from each week. (This week’s Star Saver is Morrisons apparently)

Even Waitrose have joined in on the act with a slap in your face stand, showcasing all their baking special offers as soon as you entered the store. I fall for it every time, my thrifty, money-saving head telling me I NEED more pretty cup cake cases. Which then my tween promptly refuses to eat from as they’re too girlie, thus reminding me I should re think my bargain hunting techniques next time.

So back to my question. Is it just me, or are you as easily influenced by TV shows (as me)?

I guess there’s no harm in grabbing ideas. If GBBO makes me a more ambitious baker then its only a good thing for my boys right? And the bakes that don’t quite cut the mustard are willingly consumed by the dog.

Win, win I say.

I’ll get my pinny.

A deliciously moist carrot and banana cake recipe perfect for using up overripe browning bananas. This does on the healthier side of cakes so no guilt needed and great for indulging all your GBBO urges



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