Grabbing Life With Both Hands – Living Arrows

Grabbing Life With Both Hands – Living Arrows

I wasn’t sure how to introduce this photo, or whether it needed an introduction at all. It caters for everyone; a lovely view of a tranquil beach at low tide with the stunning Jurassic Coast sweeping out into the horizon, for those with little interest in cute kids. And a toddler taking it all in for anyone who does love to see what my bonkers son has been up to this week.

But what I love and you may or may not have noticed is the look of wonder on his little face. This is one little boy who is grabbing life with both hands, who touches and fiddles with everything just to experience it, process it and store it away in his busy brain for the next time he needs it and who experiences life at such a bewildering speed, taking in and doing as much as possible that he’s rarely still.

We used to call them ‘flitters’ at work. Those kids who flitted from one task to the next, we were even given advise on how to encourage them to stay at one activity. As a parent, I see this enthusiasm and inquisitiveness as a gift. Life’s just too dull to sit at one toy and play with it over and over again. My boy is testing the waters of everything in his path until somethings grabs his fascination.

And once he’s found that momentary fascination he will do it over and over again until he’s worked it out in his little brain. (look up schemas if you want to elaborate on that one)

Some weeks he wants to help with the household chores, others its trying to get into his brother’s bedrooms to copy what they do. (it’s quite a sight seeing a toddler sat on a computer chair, typing a key board and babbling through a mic!)

Lately it’s puddles. Muddy, road side or a spillage in the kitchen. He loves them all. Wellies or no wellies, a puddle, what ever the shape or size, is for jumping and stomping.

So when I caught this moment of brief wonder on a trip to the beach, I suspect he was psyching himself up to the biggest puddle jumping session ever known to man. I watched as he took a moment pausing to work out if it was a puddle at all.

And then charged towards it without a care in the world.

With a very nervous mum running after him!

standing on the beach in Sidmouth, this week's living arrows



  1. 24th April 2016 / 8:22 am

    Aww how lovely is this!

  2. 24th April 2016 / 2:11 pm

    Such a beautiful photo and I love the look on his face. Such wonder! x

  3. 8th June 2016 / 9:19 pm

    Beautiful child, beautiful photo. the joys of an open beach to a small child are lovely to watch

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