Getting Fit With An Archon Move Activity Tracker

Getting Fit With An Archon Move Activity Tracker

So, phase 2 of my latest challenge is to get fit.

I’ve always been relatively active in a long walks, daily dog walks and, mmmmm, well, more walks kind of way. Yep, walks feature pretty much all of my activity, along with chasing round after my toddler which means I’m ready for an upgrade and I need something to spur me on to keep that upgrade going.

I’ve been pretty committed so far with daily plank and joining my local gym….. so far so good.

The catch is, when you work from home aside from the daily walk, my day can end up pretty sedatory, so an activity tracker absolutely, without a doubt, has a place in my life. I need that kick up the bum to remind me that I need to move more which is why for the last week I’ve been wearing an Archon Move Activity Tracker.

Each day I track my steps (my goal’s 10k a day)  measure how far I’ve walked, as well as see how many calories you have burned. The Archon Move Activity Tracker is a revolutionary way of keeping track of your movements, fitness and progress.

Aside from logging your activity it features a digital clock, heart rate monitor and an easy to use touch screen which is easy to read and navigate and the creme de la creme for a social media user like me are the notifications for messages and caller ID.

You can  sync your data with the app (available for Android and iOS.) to get a really clear idea of how you’re doing and has been great for timing my planks at home and the gym as well measuring my heart rate which gives me a good idea of how my fitness is improving, that’s been a real game changer. Oh and it tracks sleep too as well as letting me know when I’m out of range with my phone so no more loosing it,  leaving it at home or even if it get stolen, you’; get an instant ‘disconnected message’

so many features and there’s no stopping me now on my 2017 fitness challenge!



I have been gifted this fitness tracker to test out and share what I think. All words and photos are my own. 





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  1. Valerie hall
    26th December 2016 / 12:13 pm

    I have one and I love it but it keeps saying disconnected. Why does it do this. Hope you can help

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