Win A Complete School Stationery Set!

Win A Complete School Stationery Set!

Hands up who loves a decent pen?

I’m sure there’s a name for it and I know I’m not alone in having a pen thing. I can’t abide a scratchy ball point. It’s got to be a smooth, resistant free one or nothing. So each term I’ve taken my kids off to the shops to fill up their pencil cases ready for a fresh start in the hope that they too will learn to see the advantages of a decent writing instrument.

That said, give them a couple of weeks and most have been lost and they hop off to school with what ever they’ve found in the dresser tucked in their blazer pocket.

So this coming term I’m stepping up a gear and they’ll be off on their merry way with an ultimate collection from Bic consisting of biros, pencils, felt pens, Tippex, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, high lighters and even those clicky pens which you can change the colour of. There really is everything you’ll need for school and home.

And as I’m feeling the stationery love this month I’ve teamed up with Bic to give away the same set pictured here. So you can tick one of your back to school stationary essentials off your list.


Win a back to school stationery set rrp £19.99

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