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Finding a Cream For My Toddler’s Dry Patches | Review

Finding a Cream For My Toddler’s Dry Patches | Review

Baby soft skin, silky smooth to the touch. I remember it well, those first few moments enjoying skin to skin with my newborn son. It was always a sure-fire way to soothe him when he was fractious. But as he adjusted to life outside the womb, I started to notice that now and then he’d grab at his thighs, scratching always in the same spot. Thinking that it was just a coincidence, an involuntary movement, I didn’t worry.

I knew he didn’t have full control of his arms and legs yet so thought nothing of it. But as time went on, it became apparent that whenever he was naked, he’d grab and itch in the same spot every time. If I wasn’t vigilant with nail cutting, he’d leave scratch marks. There were no visible redness or sore patches so I just distracted him away from hurting himself and that  was that.

However, it was starting to niggle me a little. Not a lot, just a little, not enough to warrant a visit to the Dr’s ( mum of 3 here,  I’ve become accustomed to trusting my gut instinct over the years.)  There is eczema in the family, I’m a mild sufferer myself, and I knew that this was more than likely to be a case of dry skin. I’ve been using a gentle moisturiser after his bath as well as sensitive bath products to try to alleviate his discomfort which seemed to make a slight difference but recently I’ve switched to using a medicated honey based cream from Comvita.

Finding a cream to treat my toddlers dry patches

A rich, honey coloured emollient cream, with a delicious  but very subtle honey smell. It contains a medical grade Manuka honey as well as Aloe vera and Chamomile . As it’s quite thick and rich I didn’t have to use much a lot, i’d  gently rub it onto the area where the Toddler would grab, and he seemed to enjoy the relief it brought.

treating my toddlers dry skin with Comvita

It’s suitable for babies from 3 months, so I wasn’t too concerned about overloading his skin with chemicals and have been using it for 5 days now, each time after his bath. I’ve not seen him tug at his thighs once and the tell tale signs of his irritation are no longer there, so it appears that what ever was bugging him, as slight as it was, has disappeared. I’ve had a great experience with using this Medihoney derma cream and even used it on the dry patches on my hands where my latest eczema breakout was healing as a welcome change to the harsh steroids I have to use.

At £10.99 a tube, it’s a fair investment to bring relief to eczema prone skin as a little seems to go a long way, just don’t leave it with a little one’s reach as my cheeky chap seems to like the smell (and taste!) a little too much!



I was sent a tube of Comvita Medihoney Derma Cream to try out on the Toddler’s dry patches, these are my own words and photos. 




  1. 9th November 2015 / 11:58 am

    Sounds great hon, thanks for sharing. We’re always on the lookout for new eczema creams x

    • 9th November 2015 / 10:20 pm

      I’m going to be passing this on to my brother to see how it works on his psoriasis too and will report back.

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