Family Holidays, Have You Thought About Mauritius?

Family Holidays, Have You Thought About Mauritius?


I’ve got itchy feet. Not the nasty fungal infection type, the urge to explore and see more of the world type itchiness. There’s a whole new world out there which I know very little about so my dead cert plan for next year is a family holiday and my researching has already began, first stop is Mauritius.

Yep, I’m thinking all out sparkling turquoise waters and white sandy beaches and with a landscape of lagoons, reefs, rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and exotic wildlife. There’s a lot more to this small tropical Island than I actually realised. Not only is Mauritius full of beauty and luxury, it also has an array of exciting activities making it the perfect holiday destination for families. And being french speaking I can reignite some of my French GCSE as well as getting my 12 year old to practice some of his language skills. (I presuming a grunt is pretty universal?)



This isn’t a pin in the map job, although that has been a fleeting idea. What I’m craving right now is sun, sea and something to entertain my troop. As I’ll be travelling solo with a 2, 12 and 16 year old, some water sports which they can have a try at would take the pressure off me trying to keep them busy and will be a chance for them to try their hand at something new.

I never realised that mauritius could be a holiday destination for families until I read this

You’ve got the chance to get in the water and see Mauritius from the Sea so it’s only fair that you also get the chance to see Mauritius from the sky – and you can do just that at nature resort Chazal!

Tucked away in the valley in the South of Mauritius near the village of Chamouny are 6 zip lines, varying in height, length and speed, that carry you through and above the forest canopy, over streams and waterfalls, allowing you to admire your amazing surroundings!  How utterly amazing does that sound? The older two have zip wired over The Eden Project, which is almost like a trial run for the real forest, only warmer. An exhilarating activity like this is perfect for them, a real dose of much-needed adrenalin teenagers seek, as well as building confidence and family bonding.


As for the toddler, mustn’t leave him out. He’s a real animal lover so while the teens get to walk with lions, you heard that right WALK WITH LIONS, we could get to feed giraffes. While every inch of my mum senses tell me that allowing my boys to do that screams no, I know that it would only be allowed under controlled circumstances and would give the boys some serious mate bragging points.

And how awesome would it be to see dolphin in the warm Mauritian waters playing in the bay as the sun rises. My guys have already had a taste of swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove in Orlando but to see them in their natural environment would be something else.


Next year is all about making new memories and giving the boys a sense that things will be better. Plus, as I sit here writing on a cold, gloomy day, the thought of feeling the sun on my skin is even more appealing than ever. So that’s one idea for my must do destination list.

I never realised that mauritius could be a holiday destination for families until I read this


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