Did You Know There’s Change Ahead In Car Seat Law?

Did You Know There’s Change Ahead In Car Seat Law?

I’ve written a couple of posts now on car seats. It’s something which I take ridiculously seriously, partly fuelled by the troubles we had with getting our baby to stop crying  on every journey. When I look back to how we travelled around when my eldest was a toddler, it’s quite shocking to think that the second-hand, hard foam bodied seat we used, with only an adult seatbelt for protection, was all we used.

Things seem to constantly change so I try to keep up with it though social media and websites. Especially as most changes are the result of evidence on the safest way to travel, but that’s easier said than done and the latest word on the street is the booster seat law is set to change. 

This means that, once passed, backless booster seats will be banned. The discussions centre around  making backless booster seats only suitable for children taller than 125cm or weighing more than 22kg. Being the cheapest Group 2/3 car seats, that will come as a huge blow for families with little cash to spare. Yet the facts argue that these bottom only seats, which raise the height of your child, offer no side or head protection.

So if you’re about to change your car seat, its aways  worth scouring the web for bargains first to save some pennies online. Stores such as Kiddicare and online4Baby.com can be quite competitive when comparing to other high street brands, and try doing your own research with independent reviews or get personal recommendations. I compared 5 impact shield after spending hours on the internet working out the pros and cons as a safe alternative to the standard group 1 forward facing seat we currently had.

While not a review per say, it does give you the low down on what’s out there along with the cheapest prices I found each seat selling at.

And with all the new rules and new products flooding the market you wouldn’t be alone in finding the car seat law confusing.  The current law states that all children travelling in a car must use the correct car seat appropriate to their weight or height, until they are either

  • 135cm in height or
  • 12 years in age – which ever they reach first.

After this point, they must use an adult seat belt.  There’s also the current push on continuing rear facing  for as long as possible, with a wealth of evidence supporting it. Although it’s understandable that older toddlers may find it too uncomfortable this is where the impact shield car seats are worth considering.

As always, the whole baby and toddler gear world is evolving, I hope this gives you a brief idea for now. I guess that all us parents can do is to gather the research and make informed choices on what suits us and our pockets at the time.

theres so much to consider when travelling safely with your children in the car. heres the latest changes in car seat law


This is a collaborative post to make you aware of the changes ahead. 


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