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David Lloyd Clubs – A Review

David Lloyd Clubs – A Review

Way back in the day I thought it would be a great idea to space out my babies all in the name of having quality time with each. Good plan back then but now I’m at a place where finding something to do as a family, where everyone is happy and entertained is nigh on impossible. If you don’t know, I have 3 boys; 4, 14 and 18. I’ll award a Blankety Blank cheque book and pen to the 1st person who can suggest a day out where we all leave with happy smilie faces.

I’m guessing though if you’ve clocked the title of this post, that I may have found the answer to finding quality family time for my 2 bodybuilding teenagers and lively 4 year old. It’s not just something to appease the kiddos though, I’ve been a try hard gym bunny for 2 years and my partner is a well-established gym goer and runner. So it only seems fitting that we do our family thing together at the gym.

So off to our local David Lloyd club we went. It’s a great all-rounder, so I’d been told.

Previously, I’d slopped off for gym sessions and classes when I had kid-free time, that’s how I got into the whole fitness thing. As a single mum, I had childfree weekends and the odd evening to kill and it did wonders for my mental health coping with the stress of divorce. Things are very different now though, the end co-parenting means no kid-free time which has had a knock on effect to my much-loved bodypump sessions. That’s the difference with a David Lloyd membership though.

You take the kids with you.

Changing rooms at David Lloyd

The DLKids sessions (which are included in the kid’s membership) gave me that much-needed childcare so my partner/boyfriend/bit of fluff; (delete as required, I’ve still not cracked what a divorced 40 something mum calls her other half? )Can go do our thang in the gym, taking the teenagers with us.

I book Ronnie into a class via the app. He loves it there, usual request at the school pick up is “Is it a David Lloyd night?” The kids’ session staff are fantastic and the creche/playroom are safely zoned off. His favourite is the MiniActive on a Wednesday night, there’s quite a choice though, from movie nights to Lego clubs and even extra school holiday sessions.

We've just sompleted a 3 month membership at our local David Lloyd club getting fit as a family, here's what we thought. Proud moment at the DLKids Lets Create club

Once his session’s over we all go for a swim. Our local club has a shallow kids pool which is much warmer than the main pool, so we tend to play tag ‘watch Ronnie” while the rest of us get in some lengths or chillax in the poolside sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. There’s also a heated outdoor pool and a separate exclusive spa area for premium membership holders.

Afterwards, it’s off to the changing rooms for a shower (all private, with Elemis shower gel & body lotion supplied), finishing off with us all meeting in the cafe area, aptly named- DLisious.

We've just completed a 3 month membership at our local David Lloyd club getting fit as a family, here's what we thought.

Here’s where David Lloyds triumphs once again in the family zone with a reasonably priced menu, kids meal deal menu, soft play area, kids tablets area and older kids pc games area. All the above giving the oldies chance to chill, eat and upload Insta and Snapchat selfies.

My Boditrax results which I I use every month, helped track my progress too giving me the added incentive to get in more gym time. My aim was to increase muscle mass which I’ve shared a snapshot below. FYI – It’s a nifty machine found in the gym area which looks a little like weighing scales, and will  measure certain elements of your body.

Snap shot of my bodytrax results

In a nutshell; David Lloyd Clubs work well as a club for families. By timing gym sessions with the kids clubs, help to make it more than a simple trip to the gym. We can easily tot up half a day there at the weekend!

(If you’re keen to see our gym trips in action head over to my Instagram Stories where I share a snippet of our visits each time we go


We received a complimentary 3-month membership in return for sharing our experience.