Creating an Opulent Dream Bedroom

Creating an Opulent Dream Bedroom

My bedroom is in dire need of a make over so I’ve been researching and looking for inspiration on how to create my dream bedroom. After a year of baby paraphernalia filling our (supposedly oasis of calm) to the brim, it’s time to return it back to a relatively childfree zone. I have an idea in mind along with a budget, but I thought it wouldn’t harm anyone to create my dream bedroom, a girl can dream.

The show point of my ideal bedroom is the bed, not just an ordinary bed, but a bed fit for a queen complete with an indulgent Tempur mattress. My bedroom at the moment is very calm and simple (beige overload if I’m completely honest) but a colour scheme in teal and copper with plum accents is much more suited to an opulent dream bedroom while sticking to the 3 colour rule.

With a crushed silk curtains and a feature wall in teal as the main colour, the copper lighting brings it up to date as a modern take on the teal and chocolate schemes which were once very popular and the plum adds warmth while complimenting the teal and copper.

A dream bedroom in shades of copper, teal and plum for the ultimate boudoir

Tempur Bedstead and  Tempur mattress  –  Oldrids   // Teal material and feature wall paper – Clarke and Clarke //  Cushions – John Lewis // bed side cabinet bedside light  – John Lewis //  // Throw – House of Fraser // Table Lamp – John Lewis //  ceiling light –  Oldrids //


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