Considering An Attic Room Conversion?

Considering An Attic Room Conversion?

If like me, you’re considering extending your house, it’s always worth checking out your loft space first.I thought I’d share a very quick run down of how I approached ours to give  you some ideas. I was in the lucky position as being a mid terrace, we already had a suitable space which didn’t require any alterations to the roof. Once you’ve sussed that out, look at where you can could fit a stair case.

After lots of considerations, I went with fitting them over the existing staircase but it wasn’t as simple as it sounded and a whole heap of maths came into the planning. You need to consider head space and whether you’ll need to borrow and move walls from existing rooms. For ours it meant moving our bathroom wall and repositioning the sink. If there’s one thing I learnt, it was to be prepared to have to compromise some of your plans and to prioritize your needs.

It’s always worth consulting with local builders even at the very beginning stages,  getting quotes and ideas as I found they all came up with something completely different.

The aim was a fully accessible room which looked like it was supposed to be there, and not an awkward addition. As much as it pained me to have a smaller bathroom, I justified it by the idea that it’s one of rooms where you spend the least amount of time in.

With a limited budget, I shopped around for materials, the biggest saving was the staircase, ( I found the best price on eBay.) The company were fantastic and talked me through the measuring and style. This was much cheaper than leaving the carpenter to do as I wasn’t paying for his time. Although I did consult with him to make sure he thought it would work and was happy to fit it.

Next on the list was to look at where to fit the windows and one of these has to have an emergency escape route. Velux was to best choice for us (especially when it came to searching for roof blinds. With Velux you simply put in the code and you don’t have to flap around taking measurements.)

I project managed the whole phase of our attic room conversion. Getting quotes and making sure trades men were scheduled in at the right times. It did mean having to make a lot of calls and there were days when there was no one on site but it saved me a lot compared to some of the quotes I received.

Once the building work was completed, walls plastered and decorated and carpets laid. It was on to the fun stuff; choosing the furniture. Here’s where flat pack really came into it’s own! Make Ikea you’re friend.  I assembled everything in the room, so choosing styles which you know won’t date and will last is vital. You really don’t want to be taking them apart again in a couple of years.

And that really is a whistle stop tour of what to consider when thinking about converting your loft space. I adore ours, it’s easily one of the best rooms in the house and was a much cheaper option than moving to a bigger property.




  1. 14th September 2016 / 9:32 am

    Wow, great job!!

    We wanted to do our attic last year at the same time that Jen from Love Chic Living did hers. Would you believe that we had 3 builders organised but each one let us down one by one. They didn’t even have the courtesy to ring to say that they couldn’t or wouldn’t do the job.

    The first guy didn’t show up on the day he was meant to and we rang the others before they were mean to start work to make sure that they would be here. The excuse was that they were too busy but the real reason what that they found higher profit margin work.

    • 16th September 2016 / 3:07 pm

      That is awful! How unprofessional, I hope you got it sorted in the end?

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