Would You Consider Using An Online Dr?

Would You Consider Using An Online Dr?

I must admit, I was a really intrigued how using an online Dr would work. I know we live in a modern age which the internet weighs heavily in favour of any information gathering we need to do, the beauty of having so much at your finger tips is something I totally appreciate. But somethings should always be left to the professionals, face to face, old school style. Right?

So I clicked on to the link to  Online Doctor LloydsPharmacy  to see how it works.

You begin by  finding the product, service, test or assessment which you feel you need then either order (if it’s a test) or go through to a free assessment. This is carried out via a medical form, this is essentially equivalent to going to see your GP and once that’s been assessed by an actual real life Dr (the run around for this is said to be an hour) you’ve been ok’d for treatment you place your order and its delivered to you.

Depending on the type of product you are ordering, the form will ask you about your medical history and your family’s medical history, alongside questions about the treatment you are seeking and the nature of your specific condition. If you are ordering a skin care product or using our photo assessment service, you will be asked to upload photos at this point as well.

would you use an online DR to diagnose and treat a minor medical problem?


It does sound all very convenient doesn’t it, I guess providing your symptoms are straight forward it could work really well, especially if it means avoiding the waiting room where you often feel like a sitting duck in a pond full of infections and virus! Or maybe you’ve got a really embarrassing symptom which you’d rather not have to discuss face to face. For me, the selling point would have to be time saved and not having the stress of having a toddler run around the Dr’s room or having to beg, steal or borrow childcare. Plus online is my comfort zone these days.

The more I think of it, the more likely I think I’d use it for minor, common ailments and treatments like those for  acne and eczema or ordering the morning after pill, malaria and jet lag tablets. While the sti testing kits would save a few embarrassing confessions!

The bottom line is that if you’d told me 10 years ago that I’d be doing all my banking online I’d have thought you were bonkers. So really, this shouldn’t be any more of a head puzzler, I guess.



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