Confession Time, I’m Not Always A Confident Driver.

Confession Time, I’m Not Always A Confident Driver.
Sometimes, not all the time but sometimes, I’m not such a confident driver, I put my hands up. I was a late learner after many stop start attempts but not driving was never an option. I live in a village and didn’t want to rely on buses to go from A to B. So when my 30’s hit, with a little determination, a drive for independence,  I found myself a patient and understanding instructor and stepped into the drivers seat.
But that little bit of fear you get as a new driver still lingers; usually each time I have to join a slip road or drive along an unfamiliar road. I have decided it’s down to age, lack of experience and loosing two friends in a car accident. Once you’re aware of the dangers of the road, you treat each journey with respect and caution. I know where the accident hot spots are on my local roads which determines how I behave on that particular part the road every time.
It’s when I’m on new ground, though, that I really have to push myself, and I do on the premise that the more I push myself out of my comfort zone, the easier it becomes. But there are some journeys which really set my heart racing even as a passenger. I clearly remember assessing all the laws of gravity and any physics lesson I had paid attention in while cruising round the Needles on the Isle of White on a double decker. If you’ve ever experienced that journey you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.
Are you a confident driver? I'm not always the most confident behind the wheel
And then there’s my must see and do Ireland. I’ve longed to visit the wild coast of Connemara after loosing myself in the Santa Montefiore novel, The Secrets From The Lighthouse. Part of my planning and research will certainly involve things like this an infographic about Ireland’s Most Dangerous Drives from insurance firm , fore warned is forearmed I say!
So while it hardly compares to the Bolivia Death Road, (see the You Tube vid below from Top Gear if you want to know what I’m on about) my narrow country Devon roads are a force to be reckoned with in the hight of summer and an abundance of tourists not wanting to scratch their cars or reverse.
Highlighting my message that not every car journey’s as fun as it should be and you should always, always respect other drivers.
As you could be stuck traveling between a steering wheel gripper on a slip road, like me!

dangerous drives infographic


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  1. 7th September 2016 / 9:57 am

    I love driving but I think even I would be a nervous wreck on some of these roads

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