Completely change the feel to your home in 3 easy steps

Completely change the feel to your home in 3 easy steps


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If you like where you live but are tired of looking at the same décor, it could be time for a change. With a little imagination and vision you could give your home a completely new feel, so take a look at these three easy steps and unleash your creativity.


  • Lay wooden flooring

While carpet can keep your feet warm during the chilly months it often becomes scruffy, dirty and worn. So, if you’re in the mood for a simple and cost effective renovation, how about opting for engineered wood flooring instead? This is a great option for anyone with kids and pets as it can be easily mopped clean, which means you won’t have to endure long battles with sticky spillages or muddy footprints. Similarly, as dust and animal hair doesn’t cling to wooden flooring in the same way as it does to carpet, wooden flooring can help to reduce allergens in your home – good news for allergy sufferers!

Most importantly, wooden flooring looks fantastic and is available in many styles and hues, from classic oak varieties to modern blacks and whites. It will bring a fresh to new look to your property, and is a great investment as it’s designed to last.


Completely change the feel to your home in 3 easy steps


  • Change the lighting in your home


Lighting can instantly change the ambiance of a room. While bright white lights are good for office and study environments, they can make a living or dining room feel a little stark, so how about reading up on interior lighting tips and finding out what works for you? One of the best ways to create a cosy atmosphere in a place of relaxation is to use small table lamps with a tinted low-wattage bulb. This will provide a dim glow, allowing you to unwind in comfort without being bothered by an intense light. It’s also the kind of lighting that will make your guests comfortable and relaxed, meaning they’ll want to linger a little while longer!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even invest in coloured lightbulbs depending on your personal taste. You could also think about swapping traditional light fittings for more opulent designs such as chandeliers to act as the focal point of a dining area or sitting room – you’ll find inspiration online via sites like Pinterest.

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  • Rethink your accessories


Finally, it’s amazing how new accessories can give the interior of your property a facelift. But, the most important thing to decide upon before you hit the shops is a colour scheme. Look for colours that work well together (such as light green and grey, or pink and purple) and use these combinations to your advantage, investing in everything from curtains and throws to cushions and rugs. If you’re good with a sewing machine, you could even make your own accessories from scratch to save money or put your creativity to good use by upcycling old furniture.

There are many things you can do to completely change the feel to your home. Experiment with these suggestions and see how you get on.





  1. 12th January 2017 / 6:51 pm

    Great tips. I like to freshen up my home every January (it always strikes me in the new year!) and lighting and accessories are such simple ways to do this, and there’s a lot of fun in choosing!

  2. 13th January 2017 / 4:05 pm

    Even new cushions can make your home (and your mindset about it) feel different. Can you tell I bought new ones this week?!

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