Christmas in a nutshell.

Christmas in a nutshell.

It’s beginning to ….. Ok I’ll give it a rest. You’re sick of hearing it already?

 My trees up and our street is under surveillance from the national grid so I can safely say I’m getting into the festive spirit, I’m trying really hard to resist the urge to shout “it’s Christmas’ Noddy Holder style on a daily basis so I thought what a perfect time to sit down and share my Christmas with you
I’m a big fan of traditions, some might say stuck in my Christmassy ways, I say traditions. I love all the little things that make Christmas memorable for my family.
While we do the usual mince pie, carrots and Baileys (Santa prefers a Baileys by the time he reaches our house, he’s over done the sherry and needs the Caffine to give him the final push)  we also like to leave some magic reindeer food out for Rufolph and his crew. This consists of oats and glitter, based on the theory that oats are a superfood, lowering cholesterol and maintaining energy levels, We really put some care and thought into the dietary needs of our favourite Christmas animal, who else going to pull old Saint Nick around the world in 24 hours? (Not even Richard Branson could manage that challenge) and the glitter, well the idea behind this, is it sparkles and guides them down to the houses, and lets team Santa know that the children are nestled all snug in their beds dreaming about sugar plums (and iPads, xboxes, Frozen play sets….). We have one last check on the Norad Santa checker  then it’s snooze time
Meanwhile downstairs, I’ll be busy putting the final touches to the big day. I’ve made snowy foot prints using a template of Hubby’s shoes and sprinkling talc and very fine glitter in the cut out from the front door and up the stairs. This went down a storm for a few years. I found it quite worrying that they didn’t work out that there was no snow outside though. I won’t be doing it this year as I’ve been using talc on Baby R so Tween will cotton on to the smell. He’s toying with his belief system at the moment and I’m trying desperately to stretch it out one more year.
 Enjoying the delights of a real Christmas tree; Each sight, each sound of Christmas And fragrances sublime Make hearts and faces happy This glorious Christmastime.” ~ Carice Williams
One the actual big day, it’s all about the chaos. It starts with the boys dragging their stockings onto the landing. They have very different styles. tween is a slow, check every present out and verbally review. Teenager on the other hand likes to tear through at lightening speed, loosing half of them in  the discarded paper meaning we spend most of the morning trailing through the bins looking for toy/gadget parts.
We spend it with family, loads of family! This year we’re cramming 16 adults and children into my modest mid terrace. There’s no best cutlery, crockery or impressive centre piece. it’s all about the banter and party games and just being together. I’m super excited about this year as my sister and her brood are driving down from Oxford. It’s our first Christmas together in 8 years.

So there you have it, My Christmas.

In a nutshell.



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