Check Out This Cute Vango Kids Sleeping Bag!

Check Out This Cute Vango Kids Sleeping Bag!

We were all set to conquer my camping fear.  This was going to be the summer we did it, with a weekend booked at a Devon country park. I had it all arranged. It was going to be fun. I was sure of it, this would be the turning point after our final camping trip saw me clinging to the edges of the tent while gale force winds whipped up around us and I frantically googled the nearest Travelodge.

It was going to be fun.

We’d secured some borrowed equipment and had a new and super cute Vango sleeping bag for the toddler to try out.

And then it rained, and it rained and it rained some more. So the game changer of a weekend never happened. The safety and comfort my bed too much of pull to risk it.

Not to be out witted and wanting the toddler to get some use out of this multi-purpose wearable sleeping bag. I set up camp in the garden to see what he’d make of it. But the perfect photo shoot I had planned went to pot when the sleeping bag proved so comfy he refused to get out!

The unusual thing with this cute little number is the ability to zip off the bottom leaving the legs free to run around, while the shoulders have little zip so you can stick your arms out. Great for keeping you warm on midnight toilet trips or early mornings as you wear it like a jumper!

When in conventional sleeping mode, with the bottom section in place and the arm holes zipped up it’s a fun yet warm way to snuggle down for the night. Or at least I’m guessing it is by the fact I had to coax my boy out, much to his protests as he buried further inside. And the handy bag it comes in means it’s now hung on the back of my door waiting for that moment I throw caution to the wind. (can’t help associate camping with that word now!) and brave a night under the stars.


I received this sleeping bag to review & share. 


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