Casual Chic For a Busy Mum With Apricot

Casual Chic For a Busy Mum With Apricot

Now the season’s changing I’m attempting a style overhaul. I’m aiming for a more capsule wardrobe and being ruthless. Anything which hasn’t been worn for a couple of winters will be finding a new home, as I finally admit I just tend to stick to a few tops and bottoms, switching and coordinating between them. My husband sighs of relief each time my bundle of reject clothing gets bigger and bigger and he finally gets some space in our wardrobe.

I’m very much a jeans, boots and jumper sort of gal, with the odd dress for good measure on special occasions. But if I’m completely honest, I rarely wear them as even my day job requires comfy and casual. Apricot have just what I need to create the start of my winter basics for a lady touching 40. (ouch, that really hurts to say that out loud!)

So what does a 40-year-old wear? Well crop tops and mini dresses are a big no-no! I dip my toes in on-trend now and then, as long as I can walk the dog, sit and type, photograph, bake, chase a toddler round, drive, shop and entertain varying amounts of children through crafts and team games. Then there’s the weekends on even more dog walks, coffee and lunch. Casual chic, realistically, is the only way to go.

This grey swing jumper was my starting point for my Apricot style makeover. My idea being the neutral shade can be complimented by my vast collection of scarves. Teamed with a pair of skinnies, the stunning vintage floral scarf and a pair of my expanding collection of boots, it’ll see me through most day to day occasions.


After having a gander round the entire Apricot site, I was spoilt for choice, the prices are pretty fab too with the jumper on sale at £18! It hangs beautifully and is cut slightly longer at the back for a flattering fit.  I also ordered a pair of skinny jeans at £29.99, along with the scarf, brown shoulder bag and sunnies that would be a whole outfit for less than £100 which could be easily mixed and matched with other jeans and jumpers. I noticed they are also offering 15% discount off your first online order if you subscribe. I didn’t have to wait too long for my parcel to arrive either and had email updates for shipping. Great service for a great price)


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I was gifted some credit to Apricot Clothing, as always though, all opinions are entirely my own.


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