Canny Mum 2 in 1 Bamboo Nappy Liners & Wipes – Giveaway and Review

Canny Mum 2 in 1 Bamboo Nappy Liners & Wipes – Giveaway and Review

I’ve been a cloth nappy user since the toddler was 8 weeks old when I was offered some to test out for some baby awards. If I’m honest, I thought it would be interesting to see how they’ve come on since my terry nappy days but held no expectation of it being a full-time nappy choice. And then they arrived. Beautifully soft and with a dry top layer, it soon became clear that modern-day cloth nappies are a class above their disposable counter parts.

I loved the funky designs they came in and found washing no bother. I’ve never got to run out to the shops because I’ve run out and most importantly, my baby never suffered from nappy rash. My only gripe was that it seemed nonsense that the liners I used felt rough and scratchy so I seldom use them if I’m honest. It seems a change to put something I imagine would feel uncomfortable or at the very ;east slightly irritating when the material of the actual nappy feels so soft.

And then I was sent some bamboo 2 in 1 nappy liners and wipes and that change my decision to use liners. Coming in a bumper roll of 200, these liners are a breed apart from the budget ones I’d been using.


Peeling one away from the roll and feeling how soft they are against skin, when I folded one up to place in a nappy it moulded perfectly into the cloth. No bumps or folds, they’re light, silky and fabric like. Quite a luxury really.

Canny Mum liners

As well as using them as liners, they’re also handy as wipes. It’s so much nicer to clean delicate skin without feeling scratchy or worrying about the effects of harmful chemicals. Just dipped in warm water (another plus as there’s much less resistance than clean ups with cold wipes!) they still feel strong and hold together until the job’s done. For transporting when out and about, I wet some and keep them in a small zipped wet bag

A luxurious 2 in 1 bamboo liners and wipe from Canny Mum, super soft and pure comfort for new born skin

To help launch these wonderful wipes, Canny Mum are giving you the chance to a little bit of luxury for your baby with a bumper roll of Bamboo 2 in 1 wipes, enter in the Rafflecopter below. There are 8 up for grabs over the next month!

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