Can a Good Night’s Sleep Cure Acne?

Can a Good Night’s Sleep Cure Acne?

Christmas and New Year means party season for many and who doesn’t want to look their best for a night on the tiles or even just for catching up with friends and family. Bu for some,  changes in diet, central heating and late nights can play havoc on your skin.

I’ve witnessed first hand how bad skin can get you down. My own teenage son has had bouts of acne and we’ve tried just about everything to help him cure it and most recently, we’ve taken onboard the findings from an independent study by Dorothy Collins, asking can a good night’s sleep cure acne.

The study looked into finding out if improvements to sleep patterns could improve acne and achieve clearer skin in just 7 days.

Having suffered from acne from a young age, and with some unfortunate scars on her face to prove it, Dorothy was up for the challenge to see what effect (if any) increased sleep each night would have on her acne-prone skin.

This is a completely independent study with Dorothy’s own personal views, thoughts and reactions and parts of the video were filmed by her in her own home as she commented on progress.

The Key Findings were;

Dorothy was able to report some improvements to her skin in the short time period that the study took place

The blemishes from her chin and cheeks seemed to clear up well

She seemed to be more ‘fresh-faced’ which supports the theory that more sleeps leaves you looking younger

She had more energy and was more focussed at work

She reported that at the end her overall mental wellbeing was better – she was less stressed, more confident at work and generally felt better about herself

Possibly the best thing in her make-up bag is her bed? Due to the positive effects of more sleep, Dorothy thought that sleep may be more beneficial than product when it comes to good skin!

At the end, she felt she would wear make-up because she wanted to and not feel obliged to cover up as she had previously

I can personally vouch for the fact that my skin looks better after a good nights sleep, but that’s not always a luxury I can afford with a lively toddler and business to run. My son however, has no excuse. Luckily he’s happy to try anything to help clear his spots and along with eating a healthier diet he is heeding the advise from Dorothy’s findings and is trying to get more zzzz’s.

Is there a link between sleep and acne? find out here;


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